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Top Rated 52 Oz Travel Mugs For Sale

Updated on November 26, 2014

Extra Large Travel Mugs Can Be Hard To Find But Here Are Some Of The Best Around

Where can you buy gigantic travel coffee mugs? Gas stations are one place. The automotive section of Walmart is another place. The selction at either however is slim and mugs of this size are notorious for leaking.

Below I've highlighted a few good 52 ounce mugs. There are others to choose from and lots of additional extra large mugs if you are willing to look at other sizes.

My favorite are the 34 ounce mugs but the keg pictured to the left is not bad at all.

Bubba 52 oz Classic Mug In Slate Gray
Bubba 52 oz Classic Mug In Slate Gray

Bubba's 52 oz Classic Keg Mug In Slate Gray

Let's face it, if you are looking for a travel mug of this size you have to sacrifice a bit in exchange for the size. Although this is a great mug for what it is it will not keep coffee hot as long as some more conventional options.

Having said that the Bubba Keg will keep your coffee hot for the whole morning and will keep beverages cold for half the day.

It has dual wall foam insulation and a pretty good looking stainless steel exterior making the mug look great.

What's best about it other than it's size? The reviews are off the chart positive.

Bubba 52 oz Classic Mug In Slate Gray

One fun little twist in design is the built in bottle opener on the bottom of the handle. Personally I've never wanted to open bottles while drinking out of a mug this size but I guess some people out there would find this handy.

Personally, I would go for a more conventional coffee mug or at least a slightly smaller mug with better thermal insulation but you can't beat this mug if you really want the extra large size.

Maxam 52oz Stainless Steel Oversized Mug
Maxam 52oz Stainless Steel Oversized Mug

Maxam 52oz Stainless Steel Oversized Mug

The Maxam oversized coffee mug is not as highly rated as the Bubba Kegs but it is cheaper and many people feel that the mug leaks less than the Bubba brand.

What is awesome about the mug is that the only main source of leakage on this mug is the sipping spout when it is not closed all the way. It has ascrew top which fits snug and shouldn't leak much of at all... and if you've ever used mugs this size then you know how difficult it is to find good oversized mugs that don't leak.

Maxam 52oz Stainless Steel Oversized Mug

Personally I like this mug mainly for the low price and the generic branding on the side of the mug. It's just simple and attractive. It gets the job done.

If you want a insulated travel mug that performs better make sure to see this post where I reviewed a coffee mug that keeps coffee hot for almost an entire day and doesn't even leak at all. But if you simply want or need a very large travel coffee mug then this is a great option.

Bubba Keg 52 Ounce Travel Coffee Mug
Bubba Keg 52 Ounce Travel Coffee Mug

Bubba Keg 52 Ounce Travel Coffee Mug

The Bubba Tuff 52 ounce keg is very similar to the classic keg featured above. It is styled very similarly but it has a different finish and a slightly different construction.

This mug scores lower reviews than the Classic keg but it does perform well enough. The main reason why you might want to buy this big coffee mug is for the size and for the look and feel of the mug.

Bubba Keg 52 Ounce Travel Coffee Mug

As you can see the logo is different and the finish is a shiny metallic on black plastic. It is a stainless steel ring in fact which makes it not safe for microwaves but with the multiple hour insulation this is not usually a problem.

Personally I love big travel mugs but this size is a bit big for me. If you want better construction at a similar price point I would suggest looking at some of the top 34 ounce mugs or these 24 ounce mugs.

Looking for good travel mugs to compare? - Here a few alternatives and a search box for refinement.

Reader Feedback - If you've used any of these mugs let us know your experiences below.

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