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6 Delicious and Healthy Breakfast Foods to Start Your Day

Updated on October 6, 2015
A hearty breakfast of eggs, protein and carbohydrates
A hearty breakfast of eggs, protein and carbohydrates

A Hearty Breakfast to Start the Day

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and when you are trying to lead a healthy lifestyle, this is very true.

At a time when most people are simply too busy to settle down and eat a nutritious breakfast, it makes sense to pin-point some foods that can give you the vitamins and fiber to provide a boost.

Eating a good breakfast is too important - even when you're eating on the run.

Try integrating some of the following suggestions into your daily diet, and particularly try preparing and eating them for breakfast.

You may notice a change in your energy level, mood, and productivity, when you start the day out right with a healthy and nourishing meal.

Six smart breakfast choices include:

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Greek yogurt and fruit work well for breakfast
Greek yogurt and fruit work well for breakfast
Greek yogurt
Greek yogurt | Source
The Greek Yogurt Diet: Lose Belly Fat and Get Slim Now
The Greek Yogurt Diet: Lose Belly Fat and Get Slim Now

Get rid of troublesome belly fat on a Greek yogurt diet. The method is inside this book!


1. Greek Gogurt

Full of Protein and Calcium

Greek yogurt is hitting store shelves with abandon; more and more familiar brands are offering this denser, more custard-like variation on typical yogurt.

Greek yogurt is lauded due to its high amount of protein, about twice what you would find in regular yogurt.

This is also an amazing source of calcium, which will keep bones and teeth strong and healthy.

Greek yogurt adds richness to a simple breakfast smoothie, too.

Blend your favorite frozen fruits together, and add some Greek yogurt in place of milk or dairy. This will give the smoothie a tasty tang that will start the day out right.

Be sure to add a drop or two of sweetener, such as honey, when using plain or unsweetened yogurt.

Kids may enjoy these smoothies when you use them as the base for a frozen treat, such as in a popsicle form or ice-cube tray, for a fun spin on a quick breakfast.

Young eaters may also enjoy eating Greek yogurt simply in a bowl with fresh fruit or berries on top, with a drizzle of honey for sweetness.

Want to amp-up the nutrition in your bowl of yogurt? Add a generous sprinkling of flaxseed or wheat germ on top to add fiber and nutrients to get you through even the most challenging day.

Greek yogurt also makes for an excellent weight loss mechanism - it provides you with protein, which makes the body burn more calories to digest it. There are also natural fat-burning elements inside the yogurt.

I body-build, so I need the calories, energy and protein in the mornings.
I body-build, so I need the calories, energy and protein in the mornings.

Eggs and a Breakfast Sandwich

Make Your Own with a Breakfast Sandwich Maker

It is true that eggs are a wonderfully versatile source of protein that are perfect for breakfast sandwiches or pick-me-up snacks on the go.

Boil up a bunch of eggs to keep in the refrigerator for quick bites when you need a little boost.

Folks with cholesterol issues may want to consider using egg-whites or egg substitutes instead.

In fact, if you’ve got a breakfast sandwich maker, then you can use it to create meals of all kinds with eggs as the prominent ingredient.

Skip the bagels or sourdough muffins if you’re trying to cut back on carbohydrates and calories. In fact, there are double-protein Thomas English Muffins on the shelves, as well as muffins with extra fiber.

Bananas with Greek yogurt Chobani
Bananas with Greek yogurt Chobani

Bananas: Keeping It Simple With this Dense Fruit

Bananas are a great choice for breakfast due to their starch content, which seems to stick-to-your-ribs longer.

Bananas are also a great add-in for quick smoothies or blender drinks on busy mornings.

A great way to get kids to eat more of this phenomenal fruit is to freeze peeled bananas, and blend them until they form a rich, soft-serve consistency that resembles ice-cream. You can add a drop of vanilla, drizzle of honey, or some nuts for extra flavor.

Scoop and fill an ice-cream cone with this pure banana concoction for a quick and healthy breakfast on the go.

Banana plant Maldives
Banana plant Maldives
berries have antioxidants
berries have antioxidants
Goji berries - a true superfood fruit.
Goji berries - a true superfood fruit.

Berries are Antioxidant Superstars

The antioxidants in berries make them an excellent breakfast choice.

Summer is the time when most berries are in season.

This includes blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries.

Additionally, this is also when they are most widely available at the lowest prices.

Stock-up and freeze fresh berries so you can enjoy them year-round.

The best way to freeze berries so that they don't end up clumping together in a big mess is to first freeze them laid out individually on cookie sheets.

Once they are frozen, you can fill freezer bags with them, and they won't stick to each other in a frozen mess!

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Fresh Melons Harbor Vitamins and Water

Fresh melon is another great way to start the day. The best part is that melon requires little prep-work other than peeling and seeding your fruit. Watermelon is great for hydrating, while cantaloupe offers the full daily recommended amount of Vitamins C and A.

Whole grains are great.
Whole grains are great.

Whole Grains for Your Carbohydrates

Whole grain cereal and breads are an excellent source of fiber, and a great way to start out any day.

If you live in a region where it might be tough to find whole grain bread regularly, it is easy to make your own loaf in your bread machine.

This will be a dense bread, very satisfying, and the perfect way to start a day with a little almond butter or fruit compote on top.

Skipping a healthy breakfast is no way to start the day. Eating something nutritious, with vitamins and fiber, ensures that you will have more energy and an improved mood all day long. Turn your whole family into breakfast-eaters with some of these smart and tasty breakfast suggestions.


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