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6 Easter Wine Review For Under $25

Updated on February 22, 2014

Wine by the Dozen

When does buying a 12 pack of wine come without the requisite wino punch-line or jokes? When the wine is Lo Nuevo Vilata Monstrella Syrah,

Welcome the weekend with a stellar case deal from sunny Spain! The 2012 Lo Nuevo Vilata is a crowd-pleasing blend of 85% Monastrell (aka Mourvedre) and 15% Syrah from exceptionally old vines, meaning much bigger concentration and character than the price would suggest. Flavors of ripe blueberry and blackberry are followed by a zippy, peppery finish, making this a versatile red to enjoy any night of the week!

The 2012 Lo Nuevo Vilata is fragrant with earth, mineral, and floral notes, and a touch of sweet concentrated balsamic and spice in the nose. Rich layers of dark fruits, brier and blueberry are displayed on the palate with savory, layered smooth tannins.

Wine Reviews: Best Deals Under $25

While there is much debate over wine reviews -- and especially the 100-point rating system, which most people don’t understand anyway. Lots of people feel that a professional review is a more useful guide to choosing wine.

If you’re a wine lover or have friends that you’d like to impress with the gift of wine this holiday season, we done a bit of homework for you. We’ve researched all the professional reviews and recommendations for the best Black Friday wine buys.

90+ Rated Wines under $25

Piazza Rosso 2011 Sangiovese $24.99

Offers a more intense ruby red color. Has a pleasant and persistent nose, with delicate hints of violet. Dry but fruity taste, harmonious.

Pairing: Serve at about 18° C with pasta dishes, roasts and grilled meat. Grilled Turkey! Here in Wine Country we can barbecue all year long – and we do. Check out (note the Italian seasonings), or other favorite recipes. A smoky rub toasted over charcoal is a perfect match for a dry, herbaceous Sangiovese.

Seven Sisters 2011 Sauvignon Blanc $17.99

Has aromas of fresh lime, bergamot, yellow peach and ripe pear are underscored by a hint of warm and spicy clove and vanilla. In your mouth it offers a light taste of tropical fruits and a refreshing acidity are balanced by a rich, full body and a generous, lingering finish.

Pairing: Pairs well with white meats roasted or grilled seafood, casseroles and stews, complex sauces, or strong and cured cheeses.

Kenwood Jack London Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2010 $24.99

It has the scent of roses and the bright red fruit of wild berries, with equal freshness in the tannins that seems to hold the wine's potential energy in store. Plump and harmonious, layered with tannic spice, this is a wine to decant now with grilled lamb chops or cellar; at the price, its well worth investing in a case.

Pairing: Pairs well with white and red meats roasted or grilled, big game, meat casseroles and stews, complex sauces, foie gras and legumes or blue and cured cheeses.

Miraval Rose 2012 $24.99

Beautiful light pale pink color. On the nose, fantastic bouquet with delicate aromas of white fruits, just-picked strawberries and floral notes. The taste in your mouth is complex with raspberry and wild strawberry notes, wild herbs, citrus and wet stone flavors. It has a refreshing acidity, thanks to the altitude of the vineyards, and a round, long, vibrant finish.

Miraval is a joint venture between Famille Perrin and Hollywood A-listers, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Pairing: Serve with lighter fair, desserts and fruits. Tartlets or crème brule. It’s a great balance for sea bass and other lightly grilled fish with a bit of olive oil and or garlic.

Bulleen 2009 Estate Merlot $19.99 This well rounded and rich bodied wine starts with bright plum flavors mixed with oak and a lingering fruit finish.

Garnet in color, this 2009 California Merlot boasts bright flavors of cherry with a hint of spice. On the nose, rich plums and blackberries lead to a hint of leather and oak. This well rounded and rich bodied wine starts with bright plum flavors mixed with oak and a lingering fruit finish. This wine is rich with soft tannins.

Pairing: This versatile Merlot is best matched with pasta dishes, big red meats and cheeses

90+ Rated Wines under $10 Tilia Cabernet Sauvignon 2011 $9.99 This 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon offers aromas of red fruit, sweet spice and a touch of fresh mint. It is full and soft with layers of red currant and cassis with notes of clove and black pepper. The wine finishes with finely grained tannins that add structure and length.

Pairing: Traditional pairings such as steak, grilled or roasted beef dishes, wild game, chocolate and cheeses are perfect with this wine Peter Lehmann Art Series Shiraz-Cabernet 2010 $9.99 Deep red color leads to a bouquet of dark chocolate with a hint of blackcurrant. The palate is satisfyingly rich with a firm, long finish.

A uniquely Australian blend. Shiraz provides layers of ripe plum and dark chocolate while the mint and blackcurrant of Cabernet Sauvignon combine to create a wine of great balance and flavor. If you’ve been looking for a House Red. (Inexpensive but really tasty with red meat etc.) This is it. Pairing: Beautifully complementary with steak, rare roast beef or mature cheddar.

Hess Select Chardonnay 2011 $9.99

Notes and aroma of pear and citrus, highlighting lemon and lime, are followed on the palate with pineapple and tropical fruit flavors. Medium bodied and refreshing, a subtle oak toast balances acidity, resulting in a wine crafted in a modern, fruit-forward style, wonderful to enjoy on its own as an aperitif, or with a wide array of dishes across many cuisines.

Pairing: This wine's natural acidity complements tangy, spicy foods and shows well with the richness of creamier dishes. Enjoy with Asian chicken salad, grilled tuna with melted anchovy butter and lemon, or a creamy pasta dish with Portobello mushrooms.

White Wedding II Proprietary White Blend $9.99

We LOVE LOVE LOVE this wine. We’ve had other wines by this winemaker and we have enjoyed them all, but White Wedding is one of our favorites. It's light and refreshing, not overstated. A sophisticated wine with class, that's not over priced, that we feel good about serving to our wine snob friends.

Pairing: This medium-bodied, approachable wine compliments salads, Chinese food, seafood, shellfish, and chicken dishes. Perfect for every occasion.

Evodia Old Vine Grenache 2011 $9.99

This true 100% Garnacha offers a really lovely perfume of spice box, mineral, and wild cherry. This perfectly balanced mix of flavors lends itself to an intensely fruity wine with loads of taste, a smooth texture, and a pure, fruit-filled finish.

Pairing: Pairs well with white and red meats roasted or grilled, big game, meat casseroles and stews, complex sauces, foie gras and legumes or blue and cured cheeses.

If you are not sure what types of wine an office co-worker or social acquaintance may prefer it’s always a safer bet to go with a sparkling wine, champagne or even prosecco.

Opting for a sparkling wine of champagne takes the onus off considering meals and shifts the thinking to more passive celebratory moments. In addition, with companies like Bev-Mo that offer a second bottle on most brands for just 5 cents, during the holiday season, you can cover more gift giving at practically no additional cost.

All of the wines on our list were scored by actual wine lovers, wine enthusiast and wine experts and rated an average of either 90 points on the wine spectator or had “buy again” or “would give as a gift” by the average consumer.

One notable mention is Segura Viudas Brut Reserva Cava which sells for $8.99 per bottle.

Segura Viudas Brut Reserva, was created from a blend of reserve and non-vintage wines, is clean and delicate, yet rich in flavor.

Brut Reserva is a cuvée of Macabeo, Parellada and Xarel-lo grapes grown in the renowned Penedès region of Spain. The wine is vinified according to méthode champenoise technique and is aged in the bottle for up to 2 years.

This fine cuvée is fairly crisp with an interesting floral note and mouth-pleasing sensation of creaminess.

After our list was compiled a member of our staff told us, “I bought 6 cases of this for my wedding. It's incredibly easy to drink for all fans of the bubbly, tastes great, and you absolutely can't beat the price.”

Detractors put it more like this “It's important to remember when tasting wine that a Cava; 6 bucks at my local wine shop; can't be compared to, say, 1996 Bollinger R.D.

Yes, they both have bubbles and are made in similar manners, but two cases of this and a bottle of the '96 Bollinger will set you back around the same amount. And, if you go through bubbles like I do, the top flight stuff can't come out that often.

So, what is the Segura Viudas? Solid. Very tight on the nose, though it opens up as it warms, the nose is never really gets there for me. Which is disappointing, because a sparkler should have a great nose? I find the palate one-dimensional and a little sweet for a Brut.

Tastes of lemons, fading to apples. More apples on the finish, though it fades quickly. Good price point for everyday bubbles you don't have to age, worlds better than the Andre crud that inhabit the same price point, and compares favorably to the California "champagne" that starts with K. Wine and Spirits got little carried away, but 87 would be a fair score. (Not a 90 point wine at all) Good value and consistent from bottle to bottle.”

In either case, we hope that enjoy and share our select list. For tips on finding the perfect white wine, visit our blog or Twitter page for more information.

Cheese and Wine Plus

Quick and Easy Mozzarella Appetizer

Cast your vote for Mozzarella Ball Appetizers

Mozzarella Ciliegine and Tomato Bites with Fresh Basil

One of the things I love about wine, is that the food that accompanies a great bottle of Syrah is usually light and somewhat easy to prepare. We chose a simply yet tasty appetizer that can be made if as little as 20 minutes. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.


20 to 25 small grape or cherry tomatoes, halved
40 to 50 small fresh basil leaves
8 ounces ciliegine,* drained and patted dry, halved
1/4 cup chopped pitted kalamata olives (optional)
1/2 cup extra-virgin olive oil
1/4 teaspoon minced garlic
1/4 teaspoon crushed red pepper
2 tablespoons minced fresh oregano or marjoram leaves
1/4 teaspoon salt
Kosher salt, for garnishing


Using small decorative cocktail skewers or bamboo toothpicks, skewer 1 tomato half, 1 basil leaf, and 1 ciliegine half onto each, in kabob-fashion, with the basil leaf sandwiched between the mozzarella and tomato halves and the cut side of both tomato and mozzarella facing each other.

Repeat until you have used all of the ciliegine halves. You should have about 3 1/2 dozen. Arrange on a small serving platter and set aside.

In the bowl of a blender or food processor, combine the olives, olive oil, garlic, crushed red pepper, oregano and salt and process until smooth. Drizzle the olive mixture over the tomato-mozzarella skewers. Sprinkle the entire platter with kosher salt, then serve.


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