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6 Great Regional Sodas that you still can drink!

Updated on September 29, 2011

When prohibition took hold in the United States, Soda Pop boomed as an industry. New kinds of soft drinks popped up everywhere throughout the country. Some of them went national and became the famous soda brands that we know today, others died off after alcoholic beverages were legalized again, and still others have survived throughout the years as local favorites. They have become a hobby for some, collecting bottles and cans and looking for as many local brands to try as possible and many others miss their favorite local brands when they move away, stocking up on soda when they go home or having relatives bring it to them when they visit. This is a list of six of the most popular and interesting regional soda pops out there.


The Oldest soft drink company still owned by the original family, Cheerwine is a cherry flavored soda based out of North Carolina and popular along the East Coast. The flavor is like “an old fashioned cherry coke” or similar to how many restaurants still make cherry coke with syrup added to regular soda. It is more available than many regional sodas throughout the country and can be found at some restaurants in the Midwest but is not widely available outside of the Carolinas or Virginia areas.


The official soft drink of Maine, Moxie has a flavor that isn’t really like any other soft drink I have ever tasted. It has a kind of bitter taste to it and tastes a bit medicinal. That isn’t surprising when you learn that it was actually originally developed as a medicine to cure nervousness and insomnia. The brand is still available in New England but is little known outside of New England. Of all the different regional sodas it is probably the most unique still in existence.


Dr. Brown’s is a brand that has many different flavors from Orange to Root Beer but it is the Cel-Ray, a celery flavored soft drink, that is their most coveted drink. The drink tastes like Ginger Ale but with a more peppery kick to it. The brand began in New York, and remains popular with the Jewish community. As such it has been nicknamed “Jewish Champagne” by some fans and can mostly be found in New York and Florida, where high concentrations of Jewish soda drinkers can be found.


This Chicago based drink is quite literally bright green and has a lime flavor similar to Sprite or 7up. In 1950 the soda almost disappeared when the company that produced it went out of business, but it couldn’t be kept down long and after being bought by Clover bottling company the drink has made a comeback in Chicago and sometimes can be found as far west as Seattle. The drink even has made a stamp on pop culture. (As opposed to soda pop culture) with the Credence Clearwater Revival album Green River being named for the drink.


Many enthusiasts think that this is the finest Ginger Ale that they ever have tasted. The North Carolina based company certainly looks the part, having their drink offered in 12 oz glass bottles only, with an elaborate and recognizable logo. Many celebrities have been vocal about their enthusiasm for the product. Despite this, it remains a small family owned company and regional favorite.


Ski is a citrus drink similar to Mountain Dew but with more caffeine and because it contains real orange and lemon juice, claims to be the only all-natural soda left. Originally from Tennessee, the drink can be found primarily in the American South with a large presence in the states of Indiana and Ohio as well. Even though it has been primarily a regional favorite it can sometimes be found all the way on the west coast if one knows where to look. Despite the presence of many similar drinks on the market it has retained its following and not been swallowed up by any of the large soda corporations.


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    • Robephiles profile image

      Robephiles 6 years ago

      I had an ex girlfriend from the east coast who used to bring it back when she went home. That was my first experience with it. I did find a restaurant chain in Ohio that carried it, but wouldn't sell it retail.

    • kschimmel profile image

      Kimberly Schimmel 6 years ago from North Carolina, USA

      Cheerwine is the best!! Our out-of-town relatives always have to get some when they come to NC for a visit. Mixed with ginger ale and pineapple juice, it also makes a great punch for graduations or weddings.