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6 Surprising Facts to Feed Your Nutella Addiction

Updated on July 6, 2015

Nutella may be the world's most addictive snack, having spawned legions of fans across the globe and countless Instagrams filled with nothing but Nutella food porn. But, how much do you really know about this delicious nectar of the gods?

  1. Nutella was created as a patriotic chocolate alternative. In the 1940s, cocoa was in short supply because of World War II rationing. To help chocoholics everywhere get their fix, the resourceful pastry maker Pietro Ferrero blended hazelnuts in cocoa to extend his chocolate supply. Little did he know how popular his simple idea would become.

  2. Taxing Nutella is a surefire way to sink your political career. In 2012, group of French politicians proposed a 300% increase in the tax on palm oil -- one of the primary ingredients in Nutella. Their proposal, which was quickly dubbed the "Nutella tax", led to widespread outrage and was soon defeated.

  3. Your Nutella habit may lead you to a life of crime. If you have a serious Nutella addiction, you've undoubtedly realized that supporting your habit isn't cheap. Thus, it's not surprising that Nutella-related thefts are fairly common. One of the largest occurred in 2013, when a German thief made off with 5.5 tons of Nutella -- thereby supporting the average Nutella addict's habit for approximately 6 months.

  4. It's officially not a health food. In case you were confused, Ferrero USA settled a class action lawsuit in 2014 offering up to $20 per claimant as compensation for misleading customers as to the health benefits of the product when consumed for breakfast.

  5. Nutella is not an appropriate baby name. What better way to show your love than to name your firstborn after the world's most delicious breakfast spread? Sadly, a couple hoping to name their daughter Nutella was shot down by a French court in January 2015. Instead, the girl ended up with the name "Ella."

  6. Even terrorists get the appeal. In February 2015, a CNN news report claimed that ISIS was luring female recruits with marketing efforts that involved Nutella, cute kittens, and emojiis. Outraged jihadis took to Twitter claiming the report was bogus, but the persuasive powers of three of the world's most irresistible trends are hard to ignore.

There Are So Many Ways to Enjoy Nutella!

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      Ravi and Swastha 2 years ago from London, Canada

      Interesting facts about Nutella. Thanks for sharing.