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7 Countries Where People Eat Cat or Dog Meat

Updated on August 24, 2015
7 Countries Where People Eat Cat or Dog Meat
7 Countries Where People Eat Cat or Dog Meat

7 Countries Where People Eat Cat or Dog Meat

The last thing I can think about dogs and cats is to turn them into my lunch break, because in our culture, happily, are considered pets (or good friends) and not part of the diet, unlike animals like cows , chickens or sheeps. Did you know that your pet is considered a delicious dish elsewhere in the world? Today we'll talk about 7 countries and cultures where dog or cat meat is eaten. After reading this, You will run to hug your four-legged friend!

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7. Vietnam

Dog meat is considered a delicacy in Vietnam and there are all kinds of recipes that use it, from dog roast to dog soup. Many Western recipes have been adapted in Vietnam to cook dog meat, unlike what happens elsewhere in the world, is not considered inferior or poorer classes.

6. Switzerland

Probably you won't imagine that some people in Switzerland eat dogs, but the nation of watches, chocolates and order, is also a place where your pets could be eaten. The most coveted is the meat of the Rottweiler dogs. The consumption of dog meat is common in regions of the Alps and government regulation states that these animals should be "humanely kill", without causing unnecessary suffering.

7 Countries Where People Eat Cat or Dog Meat
7 Countries Where People Eat Cat or Dog Meat

5. Hawaii, United States

Not everything is surf and volcanoes in Hawaii, as residents have a peculiar dining habit : eating cats. As much as has been attempted to ban the consumption of cat meat, local customs have been stronger and small cats are still considered a food instead of pets.

4. South Korea

In this Asian nation, eating dog is considered a healthy food, especially in summer days, as they ensure that helps avoid the unpleasant effects of heat. The industry of dog meat is very strong in South Korea, this despite the efforts of humanitarian groups, as they not only eat the dogs, but these are slaughtered in a cruel and painful way.

3. China

If there is a place where dog meat is a common food it is China, there are festivals in which people consume fried dog meat and in one of the most despicable acts, animals are cooked alive. In many restaurants you can find dishes based on dog meat on the menu, but the government intends that dog meat is not present in tourist locations. Moreover, during the Olympic Games in Beijing, the government banned serving dog meat.

2. Tahiti

The Polynesian islands seem a paradise, but not so for dogs and cats, since before the arrival of the conquerors they were considered food. Currently, the consumption of dog and cat meat is not so common in Tahiti and nearby islands, but for some groups is still regarded as a traditional food.

1. Alaska and Canada

In the colder areas of Canada, Alaska (USA) and Siberia (Russia), dogs are used for pulling sleds, so we could think of that's a more functional use by humans. While eating dogs is not a tradition, it is done in winter or times when food is scarce, being a habit that comes from the Inuit.

In these 7 countries or territories, eating dog or cat meat is not frowned upon, but with time and advancement of Western ways to different areas of the world, cats and dogs may become pets more valued by their affection than their taste.

It is different to eat dog meat than cow meat?

"Our taboo against eating dogs says something about them and a lot of us.
The French, who adore their dogs sometimes eat their horses.
The Spaniards, who love their horses, sometimes eat their cows.
The Indians, who adore their cows, sometimes eat their dogs "(...)

"But eating dog has not been, nor is taboo in many places, and is not harmful to us in any way. Well cooked dog meat no more risks to our health than any other, and so nutritious meal does not raise major objections from the physical components of our selfish genes "(...)

"In America, millions of euthanized cats and dogs in animal shelters become food for our food. (They sacrifice almost twice of dogs and cats than the ones adopted.) Eliminate therefore this strange intermediate step ineffective "
Jonathan Safran Foer


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