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5 Crazy Bizarre Foods Asians Eat

Updated on September 9, 2017

Let's go crazy

All right folks. Prepare yourself as you read down the list and take a glimpse into the lives of the Eastern population and the foods they eat. Remember, many of these are eaten as a form of wealth and prosperity and not because individuals are limited in their food source. It really makes you think if the food Americans eat can be considered very radical, if, at all. However, it really is interesting to see what other cultures eat across the world and how different cultures are from each other. It'd be a hard sell if some of the foods you're about to see would ever make it on the menu of an American restuarant.

Keep you're hats on and know where the nearest washroom is.


In no Particular Order...

  • Odori don
    Has anyone had the opportunity to eat anything live? Sure, raw fish such as sushi can be quite appealing, but what about food that's so raw that it still moves in your mouth. In my opinion, that can be quite alarming, and probably not something I would willingly allow myself to suffer through. It's like something off FEAR FACTOR.
    Well, Odori don is an Eastern delicacy that is composed of either octopus or squid in a plate of sauce. The key here is that the animal has recently gotten its brain removed but can still move its muscles and nerves. This makes it extremely squirmy when it's in a salty sauce (such as soy sauce) or when it comes in contact with the human tongue. Be careful, sometimes the suction cups can hold on a bit too tight...
  • Balut
    In the Philippines, no matter how fertilized an egg is, it's still on-limits. Balut is fertilized duck cooked in its egg after 16-20 days of fertilization. Some may like to argue the fetus has not developed but others may beg to differ. Anyways, it's apparently a very sweet and savoury experience but I don't know how people can keep on biting into such a food if you end up seeing parts of the embryo. Interestingly enough, the bizarre food has origins that likely lead back to China, though residents of the Philippines are the ones who consume Balut the most nowadays.
  • Habushu
    So alcohol is alcohol, right? How weird could it get, other than the odd fruit infusion or splash of milk? Well, get this. Japanese winemakers purposely submerge snakes into sake, a well know Japanese spirit, to allow the release of their venom in the sake. Is this some sort of madman poison? Actually, it's done intentionally to enhance the male libido. This drink is often mixed with herbs and honey to provide the drink with a yellow hue. I think it would be quite the surprise to be offered a Christmas present with a dead snake floating in its contents. But you know, to each their own.


More Unusual Foods

  • Gaeng Kai Mot Daeng
    Did you look at the picture about? With the ants? Yes, I'm not trying to pull your tail here. In the East, they eat a delicacy called Red Ant Egg Soup. This is a delicacy due to the release of an umami taste as well as a slight sourness. The ants are prepared along with embryos and ants of all maturity and sought to contain many essential nutrients.
  • Wasp Crackers
    Sure, rice crackers are great and can be topped with almost anything, it becomes sort of concerning when the rice cracker has remnants of wasps inside. Such crackers are popular in japan and are even farmed in certain parts especially for human consumption. The wasps are boiled and killed in water then dried before adding to a rice cracker mixture. Why is this done? Potentially due to the high protein content imbedded by the striped creatures. Just "beecareful" upon consumption.

Wasp Crackers



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    • peachpurple profile image


      13 months ago from Home Sweet Home

      Ewww... I just lost my appetite! Those are called exotic food but I wouldn't want to put them in my mouth


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