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7 Flavors of Ketchup to Spice up Your Recipes

Updated on June 8, 2010

Ketchup. It just might be the most popular condiment in American kitchens. It's certainly a favorite choice of kids. And it's especially popular in the summertime when BBQs are common and our hot dogs and hamburgers are just begging for a little bit of that sweet ketchup taste. There's nothing wrong with the plain old ketchup that you get in packets all around the nation. However, you can make your dishes taste a lot more interesting if you try some of the flavored ketchups that are available on the market today.

The following seven flavored ketchups are just a handful of the different options that you have as a ketchup connoiseur:

  1. Curry Ketchup. The wonderful taste of curry gives an Indian-food twist to ketchup in this flavored option. It's not just an Indian-food flavor, though. Curry sauce, or curry ketchup, is also popular on streetside hot dogs in Germany. If you've enjoyed them in Germany then you'll enjoy the flavor of them again at home when you add curry ketchup to your dogs.
  2. Garlic Ketchup. Who doesn't love garlic fries? However, making them can sometimes feel like a hassle, especially if you're just making simple fries at home for the kids. Garlic flavored ketchup is a great solution. It adds that garlic taste to your fries with just the ketchup alone. Of course, garlic ketchup is great on sandwiches, burgers and other dishes that benefit from garlic flavor as well.
  3. Kalamata Olive Ketchup. There are not too many places where you can get this fancy ketchup yet but luckily it's fairly easy to make it yourself. It's a simple recipe that includes the olives, tomatoes, red wine vinegar, olive oil and a few herbs and spices. It is a sweet and rich type of ketchup. Serve this special condiment to your guests to make a great impression.
  4. Jalapeno Pepper Ketchup. Want a condiment that is ketchup and hot sauce in one? The spicy taste of jalapeno ketchup pepper should do the trick. This one is good for breakfast dishes like eggs and hashbrowns. It's fairly easy to find in speciality markets or you can order it online.
  5. Mesquite BBQ Ketchup. This might be one of the most popular flavored ketchups now available on the market. This is true for two reasons. First of all, it's available through a major brand retailer - Heinz - so you don't have to go to a specialty market or make it yourself to try this flavor of ketchup. And second, it's got a great smoky flavor that really enhances the hot dogs and hamburgers that are coming off of America's grills.
  6. Tamarind Ketchup. Want to add a bit of that great American ketchup flavor to an Asian dish that you're making? Traditional ketchup may be too overwhelming for a good Asian recipe but you can make tamarind ketchup instead. It's lighter and sweeter and goes well with many Asian dishes.
  7. White Truffle Ketchup. White truffles are one of the hottest items in foodie circles these days. White truffle oil is commonly used to make gourmet fries. Why not make those fries even better and eat them with white truffle ketchup. You can mix this with other flavors as well. For example, Frjtz restaurant in San Francisco offers white truffle artichoke ketchup as a dip for their Belgian fries.


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  • profile image

    Scotty 5 years ago

    The Crispy Bacon Ketchup by Leroys flavored ketchup is awesome!

  • profile image

    Laura P 5 years ago

    The number 5 listing the Mesquite BBQ Ketchup is soooo good by LeRoy's Ketchup. I marinade all my meats in it and my husband drools over it

  • profile image

    Linda 6 years ago

    Great post! I am an independent grocer and have 2 locations. We feature LeRoy's flavors, and they sell really well. The Dill Pickle, Mustard Spice and Beer N Onions seem to be the favorites! We carry a curry ketchup by a german company and it is tasty but doesn't sell as well as LeRoy's flavors.

  • profile image

    thomas 6 years ago

    i tried the beer and onion flavor from LeRoy's and it is awesome. lets give someone other then heinz some business. I am a small business, and I appreciate when people come to my hardware store rather then the home centers! nice job LeRoy's flavored ketchup company. You have my business!

  • profile image

    Joann 6 years ago

    I have tried 5 other flavored ketchups by Leroy's. Beer & Onions, Chili, Smokey, Dill and the most awesome is the Mustard Spice flavored ketchup. I found it on

  • profile image

    revolving spice rack 7 years ago

    I didn't know there are many varieties of ketchup! thanks