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7 Omelets to make with Thanksgiving leftovers - Parsnips & Paleo

Updated on November 28, 2015

Omelet #1- two ingredients

The first omelet I wanted to try with Thanksgiving leftovers was not actually the first one I tried, but it is really, really tasty! For this one, you want to make sure you have some of that good, homemade cranberry sauce leftover (who uses the canned stuff anyway!?).

Take some of the white meat turkey pieces and pull them apart with your fingers to get a handful of shredded turkey. While the omelet is cooking on the first side, spread a good, even layer of the turkey over the egg. Spoon the desired amount of cranberry sauce over the turkey, and when the omelet is ready flip it and let it cook through!

Omelet #2- two ingredients

For this one, you just need some of that good cornbread dressing and giblet gravy, if you have any left. This is some of the first stuff to go at our house so having leftovers is rare when it comes to dressing and gravy.

Start cooking your omelet as usual. Take about a 1/4 or more (depending on how stuffed you want the omelet to be) and crumble it evenly over the egg. Drizzle the gravy lightly, since putting too much gravy will keep the omelet runny. You can, alternately, go ahead and mix your dressing and gravy together before filling the omelet.

Either way, once your omelet is flipped and set, you can always spoon more gravy over the finished omelet to enjoy!

Omelet #3- three ingredients

This was the first omelet I tried with leftovers, and I was not disappointed! My boyfriend's father had made an extra large pot of collards just for me for Thanksgiving at their house because I love them so much (and I'm relatively restricted on what I can enjoy due to allergies) so needless to say I was in collards heaven! The thin-sliced ham was leftover from my dad's house at Thanksgiving, and the turkey from my mom's so this omelet was triple-y special!

For this one, take some white or dark meat turkey (your choice) and shred it lightly. For the collards, make sure you drain them very well or your omelet will be runny (this unfortunately happened to me...) The thin-sliced ham works really well for omelets but you can shred it like you did the turkey if need be.

The order you place the filling is up to you but I preferred the collards in between the meat. Layer the turkey, then the drained collards, and the ham into the center of the omelet. Flip, set, and serve!

Omelet #4- three ingredients

For this one, you can mix one of the ingredients in the egg itself if you'd like. This one takes mashed potatoes, green beans, and ham. In particular, our green beans were cooked with ham hock in them, so if you've already got ham in your green beans then this works well. If not, just add some of your leftover ham- shredded- to the mix!

First, spoon your mashed potatoes (or faux-tatoes if you can't or don't eat potatoes. I use cauliflower or parsnips to make a great mashed potato substitute) into the egg and mix well. Pour into the pan and start cooking like you normally would. Layer the green beans and ham as thickly as you like, flip, and let cook.

Alternately, you can let your omelet cook, then spread the mashed potatoes evenly over the egg and add the green beans and ham.

Omelet #5- three ingredients

This omelet also uses mashed potatoes/faux-tatoes, but instead of green beans and ham you'll want turkey and gravy.

Mix your gravy and your potatoes up really well so the gravy won't make your omelet runny, as you did with the dressing before. Shred your turkey, layer your potatoes and gravy and set your omelet! As before, serve with a drizzling of extra giblet gravy over the omelet and enjoy!

Omelet #6- Fruit salad

Fruit salad comes in many different forms. However you make your fruit salad, make sure you scoop some into the blender or food processor to blend lightly. Don't make a smoothie consistency, because that will be difficult to manage in an omelet. Just reduce the larger chunks of fruit and nuts into smaller ones.

Once your omelet is almost cooked through, pour the fruit salad into the center and spread evenly.

This particular filling also works great with crepes, if you prefer a sweeter shell than egg.

Omelet #7- Sweet potato souffle

Yet another amazingly delicious sweet dish that is served at Thanksgiving! Like the fruit salad omelet, this would be great in a crepe if you prefer that style of breakfast shell than an omelet, but either way it's delicious!

Luckily, sweet potato souffle doesn't really need any extra prepping to be ready for the omelet or crepe. Just cook your omelet until it is mostly set, spoon out any amount of sweet potatoes you want and flip and set!


I hope you enjoy these great omelet ideas! As I said, they're particularly useful to help eat up leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner(s) without basically eating a Thanksgiving dinner every day for a week. Because they're omelets, it's a great way to eat a filling and healthy breakfast or lunch that is quick and easy now that the Thanksgiving holidays are over!


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