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7 Reasons Your Dog Needs Fruits & Vegetable (recipe)

Updated on March 12, 2013

Pets Need People Food

7 Reasons Your Pet Needs Fruits & Vegetables

1. It is natural for them. They eat fruits and vegetables in the wild. They get them from the contents of the stomach when eating prey and they also forage on them during the day. You can add them to your pet’s dry food. Watch them dig in.

2. Dogs and Cats like people need fiber. Most commercial pet foods don’t address this issue. You might even be able to cut down on the amount of dry food you give them just by adding fruits and vegetables to their diet. You can also let them snack on fruits and vegetables during the day. They are a healthy low calorie treat. Cats may need a little more protein but they do well eating plant foods.

3. Fruits and vegetables have antioxidants which helps your pet build and maintain a healthy immune system. Even if your dry pet food has fruits and vegetables in it they have been cooked at such high temperatures that most of the nutrients have been decimated. Add fresh uncooked or slightly cooked veggies for better nutrition. No need to waste food. You can use leftovers from your own meals.

4. They help keep their teeth clean. The crunch of raw fruits and vegetables can knock plaque off your pet’s teeth. Also the vitamins and mineral provided by fruits and veggies helps fight diseases that attack the gums, like gingivitis. Pet doesn’t like f & v? Try cooking them in chicken or beef stock.

5. It’s cheaper in the long run. You won’t waste leftovers anymore. You can add them to your pet’s meals. Also by feeding your pet fruits and vegetables you are keeping your pet healthier which means less trips to the vet’s office. By subsidizing your pet’s meal you will end up buying less commercial pet food. Fresh berries in plain yogurt make a great snack for your pet.

6. Fresh fruits and vegetable will add the variety your pet needs in their diet. Feeding your pet a commercial diet often means they don’t get the variety they need. Cats and dogs in the wild don’t get to eat the same thing everyday. Mixing up their diet with variety gives them the array of nutrients they need to stay healthy.

7. Some of the healthiest pets I’ve seen are the ones where the pet owner supplemented their pet’s diet with fresh fruits, vegetables and meats. As with humans providing nutrient packed fresh foods is a far better source of vitamins and minerals than just giving them a vitamin supplement with their kibble.

Dogs can snack on fruits and vegetables just as easily as they can cookies. Here is a great snack that I gave my dog almost every night.

Yogurt & Berries

1/4 cup all-natural yogurt

2 tblsp fresh or frozen mixed berries.

Mix the two together & serve. During the summer I leave the berries frozen. What a healthy way for them to cool down.


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    • profile image

      Dog Lover Girl 4 years ago

      Wow!!! I love my dog so much so I am gonna feed her these!!! TY Author :)

    • Dog Ma profile image

      Dog Ma 6 years ago

      Beth I so agree with you. We need to get more people feeding their pets what they themselves eat. My dog only eats what I cook for her. Her snacks are either yogurt & berries or peanut butter & apples. She grew up eating all fruits and veggies and loves them. Nothing better than frozen green beans on a hot summer's day.

    • Beth100 profile image

      Beth100 6 years ago from Canada

      All my dogs eat raw veggies and fruit! People think it is so odd, but I don't. One of my dogs loves frozen peas -- give a handful and he thinks he's gone to heaven! I once had a dog that chose fruit over his kibble. Smart little fellow he was and healthy as could be. It's great that you've brought this topic up!