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7 Refreshing Food to Recommend

Updated on October 26, 2011

Refreshing food

Coffee is known for its refreshing effect because it contains coffeine. The scientists are now seeking and trying to understand the relationship between food and mood, hoping to get the best ways to improve people’s feelings.

One nutritionist expressed that the researchers are starting to explain the relationship between food and mood, for example, drinking one cup of blueberry tea can help people not to fall asleep in the afternoon or feel tired. Thinking that the food can have obvious influence on our feelings. it is really magical. The following are the list of food which can improve your mood to let you feel refreshing.

refreshing food
refreshing food

7 Refreshing food to recommend

1. blueberry: it helps to add new brain cells and prevents aging. It also speed up the communication within our body and reaction to improve our brains. Eating blueberry in the morning helps you concentrate for 5 hours.

2. Dark chocolate: the effect of dark chocolate equals to blueberry, it helps improve memory and increase efficiency for about two hours. It is probably due to a nutritionist substance called flavonoid. It contains in cocoa beans and provides oxygen in the human brain and ability to supply nutrition.

3. Desert: if you cannot help to have some cookies, candies or cakes, this is probably because your brain needs serotonin, which is a chemical substance to help you relax and be happy. If you desperately want to eat some candies, you can taste some pudding or cold milk with low fat, or some toast bread or chocolate. It prevent risk of getting fat and also have some refreshing effect.

4. Oyster: contains rich zin, 3 of them could provide 10 miligrams of carbohydrates. If young women consume 7 miligrams of zin everyday for 10 weeks, it can eliminate anxiety and depression. Desides zin, beef and crab also have high level of zin.

5. Meat: lean meat supplies iron. According to statistics, 40% of around under 35 years old women have not enough supply of iron. It can cause people tired and moody. The solution is to eat cereal in the morning, for example, eggs, fish, vegetables, peanut, beans and figs. It can improve your energy and refresh your mind.

6. Eggs: just like chicken, lean meat and tofu which contains rich protein, eggs can help you spend the hungry time span around 3 pm. Protein is considered to improve the level of brain fertilizers like dopamine. It helps people concentrate so it is recommended that you eat more salad and vegetables which contain high level of protein.

7. Spinach: besides spinach, black soy bean, broccoli, orange and peatnut can also brings rich vitamins B contains in folate. Not enough supply of folate can increase the risk of getting depression. People at any age group should eat food with more folate, especially women at their delivery periods. 400 miligrams of spinach is recommended to eat each day.


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