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8 Bottle Cuisinart Wine Cellar

Updated on April 21, 2011

Wine Cellars

A wine cellar will store your favorite white wine, red wine, or champagnes in the optimal temperature and humidity. Climate control systems take all the guess work out of maintaining the perfect environment for your fine wines.

An underground room that stores bottles is called a passive wine cellar, and are not climate controlled - the underground setting reduces temperature variations. A wine room is an above ground wine cellar, and a room that stores less than 500 bottles is often called a wine closet.

For those who enjoy a glass of wine that has been protected from variations that can result in a substandard product, but don't have the basement or room for large wine storage, there are options in the form of compact wine cellars that hold any where from 4 to 32 bottles of wine.

The Cuisinart 8-Bottle Private Reserve Wine Celler

  • This is a compact unit for storing your wine; ensuring that they are maintained at the ideal temperature. 
  • An electronic touch pad makes it easy to set the perfect  39-68 degree Fahrenheit. 
  • It is quiet and efficient and looks great with it's stainless-steel housing, and soft interior lighting.  Thermoelectic cooling system allow for the quiet operation.
  • Four chrome racks are designed to hold 750ml bottles, or when a rack is removed, it can accomodate 1500ml bottles.
  • This model is designed to hold eight bottles

Cuisinart 32-bottle Wine Cooler

The Cuisinart CWC-3200 32-Bottle Private Reserve Wine Cellar is another of Cuisinart's collection of wine storage units that make storing your wine easy and efficient.

  • A 32 bottle capacity on 8 slide-out racks
  • An electronic touch pad with a blue LED display sets the perfect temperature
  • The thermoelectric cooling system makes the cooing unit quiet and efficient
  • Nice, sleek look with it's stainless-steel housing.
  • Double-pane viewing window with soft interior lighting
  • At $399.00, this is a great buy

Cuisinart 6-Bottle Wine Cooler

The Cuisinart Private Reserve 6 Bottle Wine Cellar is a great countertop model that performs all the functions of the larger models in a smaller space.  You can have your choice of six wines; ready for company, or a quiet dinner for two.

  • Hold six bottles
  • Thermoelectric cooling technology that is quiet with no vibrations
  • Electronic thermostat and LED readout panel
  • 8 presets keep the wine at the perfect serving and storage temperature for any variety of wine
  • 16" height makes it compact without taking up a lot of room on the counter
  • Elegant stainless-steel door with chrome handle
  • Double-pane tinted viewing window
  • Removable racks


Wine Storage

For the serious wine connoisseur, how their wine is stored is an important consideration.  Whether it is to be consumed soon after purchase and the drinking temperature is an issue, or whether it is to be kept and aged, the proper wine storage method is a favored topic.

Wine is one item that truly is better with age, and temperature control is a relevant issue.  If the wine is exposed to a temperature that is too high (in excess of 77degrees) for long periods of time, it may spoil, and develop a "stewed" flavor.  Various wines react differently in regards to how long they can be left in too warm conditions. 

If the wine is exposed to temperatures that are too cold, the wine can freeze or expand, and the cork may be pushed out.  Dramatic fluctuations in temperature can also cause adverse chemical reactions.  It is recommended to keep your wine at a constant temperature (between 50 and 59 degrees Fahrenheit).


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