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Updated on October 29, 2012


Look, I realise how tough it must be producing a newspaper every Sunday. To begin with it has to require enough trees to constitute a rain Forrest to be cut down to provide enough paper to make up the mountain of pages, magazines and special reviews they contain now. Incidentally, do they charge by weight or content these days and is it not a form of child abuse to have kids delivering them, collapsing as they must under the sheer weight they have to carry? Maybe not in the latter case as any form of exercise, however it comes is to be welcomed for today's computer game obsessed kids !

Anyway, having been delivered or purchased, enough reading for the whole week is available to the purchaser. However, I believe the moguls work to a simple formula which is to write about the same topics each week but tweaking the content so it looks like new stuff.

My favourite beef about our Sunday journal is to be found in a review section under the banner of "HEALTH". Each week the formula is the same. First a big expose of some aspect of Health Care, usually, but not always, a good news element. Then, another smaller section revealing positive Research in Health work. Remember, "6 Cups of Coffee can help stave off Cancer". I featured this a couple of weeks ago on Hub Pages. Following this element comes often, as this week, further news of medical surgery and also dramatic disclosures that we should all follow to ensure our survival. Clearly, this formula works and I, for one, admit reading the section avidly each week.

Even so, my natural cynicism tells me that , whilst there is undoubted truth to be found somewhere in the stories, that some poor soul or souls are to be found beavering away each week in some back journalistic room, seeking details of ever more fanciful research done by heaven knows who, in the name of medical advancement. Quite often it seems that the value of the work takes second place to the way it can be laid out for popular consumption and take a rightful place in adding to the weight of the Sunday Newspaper.


THIS WEEK, MY FANCY WAS CAUGHT BY A FULL LAY OUT, INCORPORATING COLOUR PICTURES OF "CELEBRITIES". I understand this term is now universally used to describe people who are often simply famous for being famous and what they have to offer to the prose of the story is often very spurious to say the least. Thus, this week, I was regaled by pictures of a female model of a certain age, a female singer also past the first flush of youth, and a token male actor. They were described as "looking trim", the sole reason for them being there ! Beyond that they had no relevance whatsoever to the story.

Basically, the "amazing" reason for the story was that "research" has apparently revealed 8 foods that all of us over 40 MUST eat if we are to prevent various diseases as we grow older. Now, hold on to your hats because I am going to reveal to you, these astonishing foods that will transform your life and life expectancy if you are over 40. Please note, if you are 39 or less, I cannot tell if these foods will do you any harm or not !

So here is the list--------:

1. OATS. Oats reduce cholesterol and is usually eaten as porridge. Porridge is eaten most in Scotland which has the LOWEST life expectancy in Western Europe I am told.

2. CHERRIES. The benefit here is against Gout {drink less Port} and arthritis. Mind you, as I revealed the other week in a Hub that attracted many readers, putting copper coins in the soles of your shows can benefit you if you already have the condition.

3.ALMONDS. Blood Sugars and also cholesterol are reduced in Almond eaters it is claimed.Some may say this is just plain "nuts" and indeed it is plain varieties of almonds that should be consumed.

4. OILY FISH. The Omega 3 in fish like mackerel, sardines, herring, tuna etc have long been held to reduce heart rate and blood pressure.

5. SOY. This means SOY BEANS , not Soy Sauce sadly for me. Again the beans help reduce cholesterol,, improve male fertility {do men need that at 40 plus?}, and helps increase bone density in post menopausal women. Apparently these must be eaten 2 /3 times weekly either fresh or from a can.

6. TOMATOES. The red fruit can aid protection from prostate cancer, lung cancer, and stomach cancer. As an avid eater of tomatoes, I am reassured by this news.

7. WHOLE MILK. Full fat milk is now said to be a help in combating muscle reduction in the Over 50 "s. As years ago my Doctor told me to switch to semi-skimmed, I may have to sue him on this issue !

8. CHICKEN. I love Chicken. It is cheap, versatile and my wife is not a fan, so I get more when we cook it here ! Now I find it helps weight management and muscle building. Maybe it offsets the semi-skimmed milk effect. It is also asserted that Chicken Soup can combats the common cold. Why is this not universally known I ask myself. I have just had my flu jab. Maybe an injection of chicken soup would free me from colds as well.

Well then, the 8 "must haves" and why they are important to those of us over 40. Of the 8, I reckon I eat 3 regularly. Does that mean I am at risk I wonder? Maybe so, maybe not, I will just have to wait a few Sundays when there are bound to be new "revelations" to throw this lot overboard.


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