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7 Foods that Give you Energy in the Morning

Updated on March 26, 2012

Looking for some breakfast foods that give you energy?

For some of us, waking up bright and early in the morning is the way to go. We jump out of bed, whisk away to work, and have a productive day. Now, for the rest of us, however, mornings are dreaded and seen as cruel, our alarm clocks pulling us away from our comfortable beds.

Fortunately, breakfast is there to bring us around. There are certain foods, though, that will help us in the morning more than others, and these energy-boosting foods will do just that.

#1: Eggs

First up are eggs, full of protein, vitamin A, and zinc. Most of the breakfast foods that give you energy rely on vitamins and protein, and this is the food to do it.

Whether it is on a sandwich, with toast, or in an omelet, it’ll provide your day with some good natural energy.

#2: Oatmeal

Speaking of natural energy, oatmeal is also a good food that gives you energy. Oatmeal is made with whole grain oats, vitamins, and minerals, making it a rich breakfast food that gives you energy.

It works by using its complex carbohydrates to keep you fully charged and fueled for the whole morning.

#3: Leafy Greens

On the not so obvious side, an energy boosting food that’s healthy for you to try are leafy greens, such as spinach/kale/chard, and you can put them on smoothies, omelets, or other egg breakfasts. What works in these greens are the fiber and antioxidants, not to mention the minerals and vitamins high in this perfect breakfast additive to any energy boosting food.

#3: Mozzarella Cheese

Following this trend, we now have mozzarella cheese joining the list. Being included in this, it has the needed energy boosting elements the others have, the vitamins, minerals, but it also has calcium, giving your body strength for the day ahead. Crumble some in your omelets or grits, grill some with lean meats such as turkey or smoked salmon, and give your breakfast a well-placed kick of energy.

#4: Lean Meats

Speaking of lean meats, these are also an excellent choice for an energy boosting food. Slap some in your skillet and add a fine bit of protein to your morning, if you are watching your cholesterol intake. Lean meats include turkey, chicken and ham - how about some sliced turkey and cheese on a bagel to start your day?

Turkey and Cheese Breakfast Bagel
Turkey and Cheese Breakfast Bagel
Yogurt, Berries and Juice
Yogurt, Berries and Juice

#5: Yogurt

Some food comes prepared for the breakfast eater on the go. Yogurt is a prime example of this. You can purchase them based on calories, with fruit in the bottom, with extra nutritional properties such as probiotics.

Of course, some people opt for plain yogurt and add ingredients to it. You can easily sprinkle nuts, fruit, or flax seeds over it to give it an extra jolt of energy for your busy morning, without much of the hassle. For the most protein, go with Greek style yogurt, and stay away from non-fat, because it has more sugar and less natural energy boosting ingredients.

#6: Fruit

Fruit, another breakfast food that gives you energy and is quick and easy, is perfect with basically anything. Cut up some strawberries to put in yogurt, or add some kiwis into your omelet. Bananas contain lots of lot of potassium and are ideal for slicing over cereal.

#7: Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter is a wonderful breakfast food, full of protein and potassium, making it a perfect add on to any breakfast food.

Bananas and peanut butter combined in a sandwich, make the ultimate combination of a breakfast that is sure to start your day the right way with plenty of energy!


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    • Robin Oatley profile image

      Robin Oatley 5 years ago

      I haven't had breakfast yet, but this hub has made me hungry! I'm not sure which one it is going to be, though. Voting up, useful and sharing!

    • dilipchandra12 profile image

      Dilip Chandra 5 years ago from India

      Good hub, very useful and informative. Nutritious hub :) :) Voted up and useful... Thanks for sharing.

    • profile image

      tarastar 5 years ago

      Thanks for sharing these breakfast items. My favorite among them is yogurt. In India we dilute it with water and add a bit of salt and ginger. More commonly called buttermilk.



    • livingpah2004 profile image

      Milli 5 years ago from USA

      Great selections of morning breakfast. I need to print and post it on my refrigerator. Thanks for sharing it. Voted up!

    • profile image

      Abujafood 5 years ago from Abuja, Nigeria

      Nice list, it is interesting that you left out starchy foods, don't they also give energy?

      Great post all the same!

    • JayeWisdom profile image

      Jaye Denman 5 years ago from Deep South, USA

      Have you been spying on my breakfasts? Ha! I love peanut butter toast (not just peanut butter spread on toasted bread, but peanut butter put on whole wheat bread and toasted under the broiler so the PB melts). I also like peanut butter and banana sandwiches as much as Elvis did, though I don't use white bread to make them.

      I also like to add good things to my oatmeal--cinnamon and chopped walnuts being my favorites. Pineapple, berries, apples, navel oranges and bananas are morning favorites, with blueberries and bananas my frequent choices....

      Leafy greens are not an unknown for me in the a.m. I may be the only person in the world who loves to eat cold left-over collard greens for breakfast! (This may be a southern USA thing, but most southerners don't take it to my extreme.)

      Good thing I ate a good breakfast today or I would be hungry just from reading your hub and writing my comment!

    • sgbrown profile image

      Sheila Brown 5 years ago from Southern Oklahoma

      One of my favorite is oatmeal with raisens and chopped walnuts, add a little cinnamon, yum yum! Great ideas here! Breakfast is so important to get your day started off right. Good information here, voted up and useful. Have a great day! :)

    • profile image

      kelleyward 5 years ago

      Yum! I'm so hungry now! It's early and I'm deciding on breakfast. My kids love peanut butter on toast in the morning. I love Greek yogurt on just about anything. Also oatmeal is a thumbs up. Thanks for sharing!

    • Gypsy48 profile image

      Gypsy48 5 years ago

      Peanut butter on toast is my favorite breakfast plus a big cup of coffee! Interesting hub, voted up.

    • MPG Narratives profile image

      Marie Giunta 5 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      Peanut butter, bananas, yogurt, bagels. Oh this list is making me hungry. There is so much more to breakfast than boring cereal, thanks for the list Cloverleaf.

    • Kamalesh050 profile image

      Kamalesh050 5 years ago from Sahaganj, Dist. Hooghly, West Bengal, India

      Great information. Many of the stuff I really enjoy are included and that makes me feel Great!

      Voted Up, Awesome, Useful & Interesting.

      Best Wishes,


    • stephhicks68 profile image

      Stephanie Hicks 5 years ago from Bend, Oregon

      Definitely peanut butter and banana for me! Great list of energizing foods for the morning. Since I am a morning person, I am not as concerned personally about getting energy for early in the day. However, my teenagers could definitely use this advice. Best, Steph

    • writer20 profile image

      Joyce Haragsim 5 years ago from Southern Nevada

      Louise, You're out doing your wonderful self, with all this great information. Now I know what I'm having tomorrow morning, thank you. Voted up useful and interesting, Joyce.

    • carter06 profile image

      Mary 5 years ago from Cronulla NSW

      Great selection here cloverleaf, wish I could stomach more leafy greens but the only thing I can stomach in the morning is baby spinach or basil & asparagus with eggs or my zucchini slice recipe. (in a recent article)


    • MarleneB profile image

      Marlene Bertrand 5 years ago from Northern California, USA

      I saw the title of your hub and had to read it. My husband is one of those people who jumps out of bed singing lively songs about what a beautiful day it is. I, on the other hand, wake up slowly. Tomorrow morning, I'm going to try one of your ideas. I love Greek style yogurt and so I'll try that with fruit. Thank you for the helpful advice.

    • prairieprincess profile image

      Sharilee Swaity 5 years ago from Canada

      These are great choices! It is so true that it's important to have some protein in the morning and these are all excellent ways of doing that. Nice hub with a great layout!

    • Megh Brandel profile image

      Megh Brandel 5 years ago from Dhaka, Bangladesh

      I am in love with eggs. And I love yogurt too.. specially the peach flavored ones.

    • Emma Harvey profile image

      Emma Kisby 5 years ago from Berkshire, UK

      Great stuff! I need all the energy I can get in the morning, and this is so much more healthy than the coffee I start the day with.

      Tomorrow I will have scrambled eggs with spinach - a nice change :)

      Thanks for the info.

    • profile image

      girltalksshop 5 years ago

      I think I could tolerate any of the foods listed for breakfast, except the peanut butter and green leaves. Voted up and interesting! : )

    • Movie Master profile image

      Movie Master 5 years ago from United Kingdom

      Energy boosting foods - now that's just what I need in the morning, as you know it takes me a while to get going first thing!

      I like all 7 - peanut butter and fruit especially, so the peanut butter and banana sandwich is definitely for me!

      Voting up x

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 5 years ago from the short journey

      Good stuff on good breakfasts! I'm so glad the tide is turning for eggs--they have been wrongly accused and it's past time for their reputation to be cleared. These 7 foods that give energy in the mornings are great picks!