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8 dishes good idea to actually cause fat, skin acne

Updated on July 25, 2016

1. Granola

8 dishes good idea to actually cause fat, skin breakouts - 1

Oat mix

Granola (bread made from oats) are familiar dishes on the morning of busy people. Many also seek to lose weight by switching from snacks to nibble a few picky granola bar. However, according to the study, granola can not be good for your beauty by Sugar and fat contained.

Also in granola, there are some ingredients that can cause more fat as oil seeds, is difficult to control the fat source for people wishing to lose weight dieting.

You can switch from the bread to cook quickly granola oatmeal porridge or oatmeal mixed with fruits little less sugar.

2. Nuts, dried fruits synthesis

Trail mix (combination of foods fruits) can contain more calories, and a snack much loved. They cause loss of feeling hungry and makes people think that eating fat does not. However the fact that the dried fruit has a lot of sugar, and when mixed with nuts, one bag can hold up to 3000 calories.

According to nutrition experts you should replace the sum by eating fruits, nuts usual. You could not eat all the bananas but easy to fill up a bag of dried.

3. Fruit juice pressed

Fruit juice is a healthy way to both provide water and vitamins for the body. Fruit juice is rich in nutrients, but they may contain large sugar content, affect your weight loss process. Especially if you do not use regular juice but will consume canned juice, the less fiber and more sugar.

So you should consider carefully when choosing fruit juice making. Some fruits are rich in sugar, such as grapes or watermelon. Also drink plenty of juices also reduce the effect of antioxidant, anti-aging body. According to a scientific study, when drinking from 300 ml of pure fruit juice or older, the antioxidant ability of the body to reduce.

4. Bread brown

8 dishes good idea to actually cause fat, skin acne - 2

Brown bread

Many people switch from white bread to brown because they think it is high in fiber and good for your health as well as physique, beauty and more. However brown bread can be caused by toxic colorings. Otherwise choose brown bread made from guaranteed whole grains, you should not use.

5. Sweet corn

According to a latest study, the sugar in sweet corn rapidly increase blood sugar in the body. That sugar and fat that causes acne. Instead of sweet corn, you can use the beans to salad, delicious, rich in protein does not contain much sugar

6. Sushi

8 dishes good idea to actually cause fat, skin acne - 3


Sushi contains more omega-3 fats are beneficial to health. But sushi can cause you to get acne and ideal if you consume too much rice mixed with vinegar sauce and salt.

You can change from sushi to sashimi raw fish dishes if the proper portion control or rice, sauce they use.

7. Dried Vegetables

Dried vegetables seemed great for busy people because vitamins A and C, but it's too much salt and can contain up to 150 calories and 9g of fat in an amount of about 1 dried vegetables fist.

8. Bread rolls

8 dishes good idea to actually cause fat, skin acne - 4


Some restaurants sell the bread roll wrap healthy alternative to sandwiches. But according to scientists crust may contain many calories as fat and sodium salts. They can cause uncontrolled weight gain.


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