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A Bag For A Bottle Of Wine.

Updated on August 12, 2016
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I created different bags for many things.This ideas will entertain and motivate you to create new things. Other ideas are art and craft too.

Botle Of Wine Inside The Bag On The Proper Shelf.

How To Make Money With A Bottle Of Wine.

What you need to do with the bottle of wine. You need to bag the wine's bottle. After you bag the bottle of wine.You place the bag with the full bottle inside on a shelf. and you keep it in a room with a lock to protect the children. If you leave the bottle for years without opening, you will make a lot of money when you sell it a few years old. The wine has 15% to 17% of natural alcohol after is done. There are two kinds of wine. One wine is for cooking, and the other wine is for drinking. In some restaurant, they cook the wine before they serve it to the public. They prepared the wine a few days before they serve it.

Two Different Kind Of Wine.

Wine Lovers.

There is a few kind of wines at the liquor store. If you do not know which is the one for cooking ask the attendant which is the bottle for cooking, and which is the bottle for drinking. If you look on the internet. You can find recipes to cook with wine.

How To Make The Wine's Bag.

Materials To Create The Bag.

1The fabric of your choice.


3 Pins.

4 Tape measurements.

5 Ruler.

6 Scissors.

7 Sewing's machine.

Bag For Your Wine.

Hands On.

You need to place the fabric flat on a clear clean table. Then, you need to measure the fabric 15 by 14 inches. You need to have your paper cut pattern with the same measurements. Place the pattern on the fabric. You need to secure both paper and fabric together with the pins. Next, you need to cut the fabric around the pattern. You need to leave an extra half inch of fabric for the sewing part.

Tips For The Sewing Part.

Creating Your Bag.

First, you need to remove the paper. Then, you need to fold the fabric backwards. You need to staff sewing the 15 inches long fabric and proceed to create a tube with two openings. Next, you need to sew one side of the 14 inches wide of the square shape fabric. One side of the square shape, you need to create a model in the shape of a vein to insert a ribbon made of the same fabric to closed the bag and carried around. Make sure you secure the ribbon. So you do not drop and break your bottle.

Sewing's Machine Instructions.

Double Sewing.

When you begin sewing your bag. You need to make sure the thread is strong and the fabric does not break easier. The color of the thread needs to match the color of the fabric that it is prominent from all the colors. First, you need to sew it one time on the line that it needs to be closed or sew. Then, you need to see if you like the way it looks. If the stitches look good. You need to sew another line. After, you finished your double sewing. You need to set your machine with the sick sack and you continue sewing with the sick sack the edges for extra protection.

Creating The Ribbon.

Hands On.

You need to cut a piece of fabric 23 by 11/2 inches. Sew it the same way as the bag. You need to turn the ribbon inside out with a fastening pin or bobby pin. Close the pin and push and pull the fabric from the 11/2 inches part that it is closed by sewing it to the part that it is open. After the ribbon is turned inside out. You need to sew it over on each side. Then, use the bobby pin to insert it into the vein of the bag. Open the bobby pin. and insert it into the fabric. Closed the bobby pin. You need to leave the mode like a vein half inch open to allow the pin to come out. The ribbon needs to move freely to open the bag to insert the bottle of wine.

Bobby Pin Holding The Ribbon To Turn Fabric.

Testing The Bag.

You need to turn your bag inside out. When the bag is done. You need to test the bag. Pull the bag all directions to make sure. It is strong enough to hold the bottle of wine. You need to insert the bottle of wine with the bag. and your wine is ready to save for later years in the cellar or dark luck room.

Finished Bag.

Wine Lovers.

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Wine Experts.

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    • erorantes profile image

      Ana Maria Orantes 3 years ago from Miami Florida

      Welcome to my hub. I hope you like it. Enjoy it. I had a lot of fun creating the bag. I am looking foward to hear your comments.