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A Bahama mama Rum Raisin Rum Cake

Updated on October 5, 2012
Cake ingredients
Cake ingredients | Source
Sliced Rum Raisin cake
Sliced Rum Raisin cake | Source

This cake is similar to the Rum cake with Pecans because you use the same cake recipe and rum sauce. Yet that is where the similarities end.

With this version of the Rum Raisin cake, it's the rum saturated plump raisins that have been soaked for at least a week in a dark cupboard or pantry, that makes all the difference.

One of my aunts' used to make raisin cake for us as children, It was her quick go to sweet snack to satisfy the multitude of kids that were usually in her care.

What's great was the fact that it was a quick fix. As a child that baking cake's aroma would filter through the house into the yard beckoning us to stop playing and come inside. We succumbed, begging for cake that had just come out of a hot oven.

We were always told to wait because it had to cool, we waited impatiently, hovering at the kitchen door until we were told we could now enjoy the confection.

Apparently she's passed the recipe on to her son and she is proud to exclaim that his is better than her own. So another generation of children will be enjoying this raisin cake treat. Thing is i learned as a child that it was a great quick snack with cheese as well, usually as a breakfast snack.

Basically all you need is a good yellow cake or pound cake recipe, some plump raisins and you have the beginnings of a great dessert cake, but not just for dessert.

So back to the Rum Raisin version.

You have to start by soaking your raisins in rum, whichever ones you like, yellow or dark. You can even use the cheapest raisins you can find.

Soaking raisins

Place the raisins in a glass jar with a lid, that can hold 1 1/2 to 2 cups of raisins, cover with your favorite choice of rum, dark or light, plain or spiced, cheap or expensive, aged or new. The type of rum you use is entirely your choice.

  • Screw the lid on tightly
  • Wrap the jar in a bag, paper or plastic
  • Put in a dark place, cupboard or pantry

Once you have put your rum covered raisins away, leave it for 3 to 7 days at the very least. You can check on your raisins, you can even taste a few to test how much alcohol the raisins have absorbed.

So the taste test is the best way to be sure how much alcohol you wish to have in your cake.

The rest is pure simplicity.


  1. yellow cake or pound cake recipe
  2. 1 cup of rum soaked raisins
  3. rum sauce or syrup

What to do

  • Make the batter as directed
  • Flour coat your rum soaked raisins
  • set aside prepared warm rum syrup or sauce

Once the batter is made, the flour coated raisins can be folded in and the cake can be baked as usual.

Pour into prepared baking dish and bake as ususal

What to do to complete

  • cake plate
  • tooth picks or skewer sticks

After pulling out the hot cake, poke it full of holes then pour the syrup or sauce over the cake while it is still warm.

Allow the cake to cool down, then turn the pan over for another hour or so on the serving dish or cake plate. Then slice and serve.



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