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A Beer Lovers Guide to Broad Ripple

Updated on May 12, 2013

Broad Ripple: A Beer Lovers Paradise

Broad Ripple, a small community located in Indianapolis, IN, has quite a bit of history as a nightlife area for the community. Primarily a strip of restaurant/bars that is situated next to Butler University's campus, this area is a hotspot for College Students and the artsy community that provides everything from live music, comedy clubs, sports venues, dance clubs and yes, an unbelievable amount of local craft beer. The sheer number of spots throughout the community can be daunting for anyone who is not acquainted with the area and thus could make it hard to find the best spots to get a good, cold brew.

The main strip offers a wide variety of locales but what I would consider to be the best spot to stop and grab a drink is a little off the beaten path, a small bar called Twenty Tap. This hole-in-the-wall bar that also offers a select variety of food is everything a beer drinker could ask for. The are named because they literally hook up twenty different kegs to their taps and once one of the barrels is gone, they erase it off of their revolving menu making it both fun and exciting to walk in and see what they have to offer. Primarily, they offer more local craft brews which helps to promote the Indianapolis Beer Brewing scene and gives exposure to some of our smaller breweries. "Support Indiana Beer" mottoes can be seen all over and this mixture of ingenuity and randomness has led to it leading my list of places that must be tried.

Next up, comes a list of places that brew their own creations and thus make them exclusive in what they can offer. Brugge, a restaurant that offers food straight from Belgium (Their frittes with multiple sauces for dipping are delicious), has a master brewer and offers their main beverage, the Triple-de-Ripple, that they only allow patrons to order two of. I was skeptical of this but after my second I felt as if I had been drinking Loud Mouth Soup, obviously from the higher alcohol quantity. I workaround if someone has a high tolerance is getting two of the Triples in the downstairs area and then going up stairs to play shuffleboard and ordering two more, though that is not recommended from personal experience.

Three Wise Men is a self brewing restaurant that is an offshoot from the Scotty's restaurants that frequent Bloomington and downtown Indianapolis. Their beer selection is diverse and offer many interesting combinations included in their Stouts, Double IPA's and Blackberry beers. The atmosphere is very laid back and sitting outside right on the Monon is a great relaxing afteroon.

A smaller restaurant named The Broadripple Brewpub has an amazing Scottish Eggs menu item as well as craft beers you won't find in any store. Their Lownmower IPA is a great pair when sitting out on their patio area and relaxing with friends. Situated right next to the Brics Icecream Shop has led to many dinner beers followed by Chocolate Peanut Butter ice cream nights for yours truly.

After these smaller places, their are a few true night spot places where people can mingle and meet people while enjoying a good drink. My favorites are both Moe and Johnny's (Formerly called Bulldog) which offers sports viewing and unlimited peanuts that you can shell right to the floor and a friendly personable staff. Moe and Johnny's sits right by the previously mentioned Twenty Tap which can lead to fun nights if bar hopping is something that is wanted, the gyro place, Sam's Gyros, is then the must stop place before returning home for the night.

Being Bloomington bred in my early beer drinking days, Kilroy's is a must stop place for myself. An Indiana University bar that overtook a Butler gym is funny in its own right but spending a night here cheering on the Hoosiers surrounded by a sea of cream and crimson cannot be beaten.

To finish off, Broad Ripple offers smaller tap rooms where people can stop in for a drink or pick up the ever tasty growler of their choice. Upland's Tap Room offers Sunday service and a food truck always frequents right outside which can be interesting due to the wide variety of food selections these Indianapolis trucks offer. Even more exciting is the brand new, as of now unopened, Triton Tap Room. Triton, a small Indiana brewery, located in the Fort Bend area makes its inaugural appearance in Broad Ripple opening up its doors to offer their selection of brews for the public. Triton's Railsplitter has picked up steam in the last year as a drink of choice but their Sinbin Ale, Fieldhouse Wheat and Magnificent Amber are all equally tasty and the tap room cannot open soon enough.

Broad Ripple can offer many things besides beer to attract interest but if you are a beer lover this small community is a must see spot to stop with some froms, forget your stresses, sit outside and have a good drink. Hope to see you all here, "Support Indiana Beer"!


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