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A Brief History Of Pizza, The Dish That Conquered The World

Updated on March 19, 2009

A Brief History Of Pizza, The Dish That Conquered The World

Pizza as we know it today came from Focaccia Bread ( Flat Bread ) that has been prepared for hundreds if not thousands of years in Italy. The Focaccia Bread was made with herbs, honey, tomatoes, olives, and nuts. In Italian the word Pizza means any type of flat bread or pie that is fried or baked. You will find many different types of pizza and pita bread around the Mediterranean today but the Pizza we know today was first served in Naples Italy. And that happened when the Tomato was first brought and grown in the area around 1700.

There are records in the Naples area of something similar to Pizza being served in the area as far back as 1000 AD. At that time before the tomatoes came on the scene Pizzas had anchovies, cheese, garlic, and olive oil and sometimes they were folded in half to make calzones. The pizzas and calzones of that era were baked in open wood fired ovens.

It was in Naples Italy where the first Pizza Cafes were first opened with open wood burning ovens made from stones from Mount Vesuvius. Did you know that many Chefs of those times ignored or refused to cook Pizza because it was considered to be a poor persons food. However when tomatoes came to the area in 1700 many people gave pizza a second look because it was after all so tasty. And after that the rest of the story is history. Pizza today is one of if not the most popular food in most of the world. There are very few places in the world today that people don't know what Pizza is.

And guess what we have the recipe for you for one of the most delicious pizzas you will ever eat. Its called Collard Greens and Ham Hock Pizza but I bet you would never believe how great it tastes.

Click Here For Collard Greens And Ham Hock Pizza Recipe

When Did Pizza First Come To America?

And after all Pizza really did conquer the world. Pizza was first brought to America along with Italian emigrants around 1830. It was originally cooked in open fire brick ovens and no matter what anyone tells you Pizza cooked that way really is the best. There is just no way that Pizza cooked in any other kind of oven can compare.

And if you have never tasted a deep dish Chicago style Pizza then you have never had real Pizza. There are several Pizza Restaurants along Chicago's Michigan avenue where you can sample Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza. And trust me you will crave it for the rest of your life because there is no other Pizza that can compare to it.

Today's Commercial Pizza business is dominated by companies such as Domino's, Papa's Pizza, Little Caesars and more but there Pizza can not hope to compare with the Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza or the Pizza served from wood fired ovens in New York's Little Italy. So if your ever in Chicago be sure to eat one of Chicago's Deep Dish Pizza's and be sure to visit the Little Italy section of New York for Wood Fired Oven Pizza.

What Do You Think About Pizza? Have You Ever Had Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza? How About A Pizza Cooked In A Wood Fired Oven? Whats Your Favorite Pizza? Feel

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    • Lukespook profile image

      Lucas Uren 3 years ago from Japan

      My favorite is a thin crust, with leopard spots topped with roma tomatoes, real bufula mozzarella cheese and fresh basil picked fresh from the garden. Yep! I'm dreaming about it right now!

    • crazyhorsesghost profile image

      Thomas Byers 8 years ago from East Coast , United States

      Pizza Pizza Pizza

      Chicago Deep Dish Pizza is what I dream about often.

      That and the real wood fired pizza ovens in New Yorks Little Italy.

      Which produce Pizza like you have never tasted in your life.

      But if you had I guarantee you that it would haunt you to.

      True Pizza should never have chicken or pineapple. I don't know what that is but its not Pizza.

      ******** QUESTION ********

      Where did you eat the best Pizza you ever eat? Where was it and how was it made? How was it cooked? Do you dream about it????????

    • profile image

      issues veritas 8 years ago

      Pizza in its original offering is the best.

      New York pizza with cheese or cheese and a few topping was the best.

      This is the thinner crust pizza that has a lot of olive oil and folds.

      There was also a square thick pizza that was referred to as a Sicilian Pizza, which was I guess close to the Chicago style pizza. This was different and OK, but not the kind of pizza, I think about when the word pizza is mentioned.

      In California, there was a chain called BJ Pizza and it was a square, deep dish pizza, I believe to be Chicago style but I have never eaten pizza in Chicago, so I am guessing.

      I am not a fan of the more modern pizza concoctions. Some are OK but I wouldn't trade them for the traditional. Pizza with chicken and pineapple doesn't do it for me. These are certainly food items but they are not my pizza. As the crust and the texture and the toppings on "pizza" more away from the traditional pizza, I also move away from selecting that pizza.

      I have noticed over the years, that it is harder and harder to find the pizza that I remember when I visit New York.

      Now, I am hungry but it is time for bed and all the pizza places are closed.

      I guess I know what to dream about tonight.