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A Brussels Sprouts Indian Recipe

Updated on December 1, 2011

Brussels sprouts are perhaps not the most obvious winter vegetable to use in Indian cooking; however, they are much more adaptable than most people realise and the strong brassica taste lends itself well to the strong flavours of curry. Ok, you won’t find a Brussels sprouts Indian recipe used in most restaurants although I did recently have an Afghan curry which had at least 8 whole sprouts in it so perhaps there is more authenticity to a Brussels sprouts Indian recipe than we think!

The Humble Brussels Sprouts - Delicious in an Indian recipe
The Humble Brussels Sprouts - Delicious in an Indian recipe

In fact, caused mainly by poverty, this was my accidental conversion to Brussels sprouts after many years of eating my mother’s overcooked mushy sprouts. She gave me a bag after a visit which I had every intention of throwing out but I started to cook a lentil curry and realised that I had no vegetables to add to it .. well … apart from theBrussels. So, reluctantly I boiled them for about half the time my mother did and added them to my lentil curry. I must admit that it was a very pleasant surprise and one which I have repeated a number of times.

Naturally, as this is not an ‘authentic’ dish there is no ‘correct’ recipe but that is the beauty of Indian cooking, you can experiment using the spices of your choice.

As a starting point though, here is my suggesting for a Brussels sprouts Indian recipe but do feel free to experiment.

The Legendary Brussels Sprouts Indian Recipe For You To Try

Using Approximately 20 brussels sprouts

1 – Trim and stem the sprouts, halving or quartering the large ones to ensure even cooking time

2 – Add these to boiling water and cook for around 5 minutes – do not overcook!

3 – Drain and leave in cold water to halt the cooking

4 – In a wok or large frying pan, add oil and onions and fry these until they take on a golden brown colour. To this add garlic and ginger, preferably fresh for the best taste

5 – After a few minutes add the spices of your choice. Personally, I use a good quality curry powder then add my own favourites such as cumin seeds, chillies and then season with plenty of black pepper and a little sea salt (not too much as it is bad for your blood pressure).

6 – After a minute or so, add the drained Brussels sprouts and heat through.

This simple brussels sprouts Indian recipe is delicious either as a side dish or served with naan bread or rotis for an easy vegetarian (and vegan) meal.


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    • Senoritaa profile image

      Senoritaa 6 years ago

      I love Brussels sprouts. Great recipe.