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A Career as a Saucier Chef

Updated on August 25, 2014

A chef is one person who can make or break a food business. The skill, technique, talent and the interest of the chef can attract the food lovers from many places. Especially the high end hotels and resorts will have a variety of dishes to offer and the presence of a good chef can make a huge difference. These high end places will have specialist chefs to carry out different aspects of the food preparation such as pastry chef only to prepare pastries or a saucier chef to prepare sauces and plate a dish.

To become a chef, knowledge, technique and skill is at most required. This can be gained by joining the relevant certification courses and the degrees. There are many boards, associations and professional groups of chefs who provide training and certification to the potential chefs. The process is made easy with online training and exams. Different levels of certification are provided.

A potential chef interested in a career as a saucier chef can enroll in one of the certification programs offered by the association. The certification programs generally cover the overall aspects of the kitchen and the Saucier training. The culinary associations provide training and materials to study online also. Saucier chef training can be either done just as a certificate course or degree programs in colleges or culinary schools. A student can enrol in an apprenticeship program offered by the chef associations ranging from six months up to two to three years. The course includes on the job training and classroom study.

Saucier chef training is not simply preparation of sauces. The saucier will be trained to prepare sautéed foods and overseeing stew preparation. The saucier chef in the kitchen will be responsible for the preparation of appetizers like fried or stuffed mushrooms, grilled scallops, miniature beef Wellingtons or baked puff pastry with cheeses. Further, a saucier chef will be trained to prepare sauté ingredients. Sense of timing is important while sauting as the dish can burn easily if it is not timed properly. Therefore a detailed training on this is vital. One other important dish to be prepared by the saucier chef is stew. Stew is a thick soup and requires a knack to prepare it. Finally the saucier chef primary job of preparing different types of sauces for various dishes is the main part of the training.

Saucier Chef Salaries

Once the training is completed and the certification is obtained from the culinary associations, the saucier chef can start looking for a job. The chef associations also provide support in searching for jobs. The association websites provide a platform for discussions. Forums are available where the issues or new recipes can be discussed and tried.

Culinary associations provide good support to potential saucier chef and the experienced saucier chef to grow in their careers.


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    • Susan Zutautas profile image

      Susan Zutautas 3 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      I love to cook and have always wanted to open my own restaurant. I think if I took a course studied the art of a saucier chef it would help me immensely.