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A Career as a Sous Chef

Updated on August 25, 2014

Sous chefs are persons who work under the executive chef. He has to be well versed with all the works that an executive chef handles because sous chefs are expected to take charge of all these works in the absence of executive chef. This role needs a sous chef to be skilled, experienced and to follow the guidelines of the employer. Owing to the large number of sous chef jobs and many people aspiring to get into this field, many associations and professional groups have come up to safeguard the interests of the persons working in this area. A saucier chef is often the food specialist of the food station he or she is assigned to.

The American Culinary Federation and the American Personal and Private Chef Association are established to provide support the sous chefs and also training them to get into this career. The association was started in 1996 with an aim to provide training to the aspiring candidates. There is a huge demand for professional chefs and sous chefs who are trained and certified. The American Personal and Private Chef Association has trained thousands of personnel and helped them to get into the industry. The American Culinary Federation was established in 1929. This is recognized by the Labor Department of the United States to provide culinary accreditation. There are also numerous culinary schools functioning towards the welfare and improving the standards of sous chefs and other personnel working in the industry.

The United States Chef Association which was established in 1991 stipulates guidelines and standards under which the personal chef would be working. Since its inception, the association has been enrolling members and as per the present statistics about 70% of the persons working in the hospitality industry are members of this association. The members of this association get some benefits like inclusion into liability insurance and a listing in the site which caters to the requirements of the people searching for chefs. This gives them the benefit of being viewed by many people and chances of getting a very good career option. Both students of culinary schools and working persons can enroll in this association.

The major benefit of being a member of chef associations is the support one gets from the association in times of need. Moreover, being a member of chef associations makes the person feel confident that he has someone to look for support. There are also guidelines defined by these associations and boards which aim to enforce the guidelines. The guidelines are beneficial to the members and help in providing safety to the people working as a sous chef or any other designation in the industry. The United States Personal Chef Association is empowered to award Certified Personal Chef certificate. This certificate is very much valued and helps persons in the field to get best career choices.


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