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A Coffee Habit That Won't Leave You Broke

Updated on February 12, 2012

I Love Coffee

I love coffee as I am sure that many of you do as well. To me there is nothing better than taking a little time out of my busy day to relax and have good cup of coffee.

I guess I am not your average coffee drinker but I know there are many like me. I love coffee and just coffee. I drink my coffee black with nothing in it. I especially love bold aromatic coffees, the kind that when they are ground make your nose want to dance and slap you in the face and say, "wake up!"

I often grind my own coffee and have tried many different brands over the years. I have also tried many pre-ground coffees and could never find one that I really liked enough to use on a continual basis.

Well, that brings me to the reason I wrote this Hub. I have finally found a pre-ground coffee that I think is exceptional.

Why I Love Folgers Gourmet Supreme Coffee

I love Folgers Gourmet Supreme coffee because when I open the can for the first time it fills the whole kitchen with the fresh clean smell of freshly ground coffee beans, the kind that smells so good that you almost want to eat it.

I also love the fact that it cost much less than going out and buying a cup of coffee. I used to buy a cup or two a day from the local coffee house. Like I have said before, I just drink my coffee black and it's much cheaper than the fancy coffees that most people buy but it can still cost a lot over time. For about the price of a cup of quality coffee at a coffee house, I can make a whole pot of great tasting Folgers Gourmet Supreme coffee.

This coffee has the taste that I long for at a price I can afford in these hard times. If you like good coffee I think you should give Folgers Gourmet Supreme a try.

Don't get me wrong I still love to go have a good cup of coffee from a coffee house from time to time... but I have found a coffee that helps keep the cravings at bay.


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