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A Cup of Special Tea in A Restaurant

Updated on December 22, 2016

A Cup of Tea

The Tasty Tea

We see people drinking tea when they wake up in the morning. We offer tea to guests in my house. The dried leaves and buds of tea plants, which are grown in the hills, give us tea powder (dust). We know we can prepare tea from tea leaves bought from shops. The Assam tea powder is famous in India.

By the taking of tea some people are relaxing from the head pain.

It is the favorite drink. We arranged a tea party at the 6 O’ clock Pm in a big hotel for my friends on the last Sunday.

I share a cup of special tea with my lover in every evening in the great Mathul Restaurant.

Have you ever wondered where the various brands of tea packets in the shop come from?

The tea is made from the leaves of the tea plant.

Tea plants are grown in areas where the temperature does not vary too much and rainfall is adequate. Two young leaves with the bud are plucked, and the leaves are dried and processed. It is this powder that is used in making tea.

Tea Garden

Masala Tea

Before tea or coffee came to our country, people used to drink water mixed with Jaggery and leaves of some plants like Tulasi and mint. Syrups made from fruits like ripe mango, rose apple, grapes, pomegranate or stems of green bamboo were also used as a beverage.

When we wake up in the morning, we drink different kinds of liquids: plain milk, Badam milk, Borurnvita, Horlicks or fruit juice. These liquids that we drink are called beverages. When we feel thirsty after playing, we drink water.

The shift from such beverages to tea happened much later. Tea was used as a beverage first in China. It was introduced to Japan by Buddhist monks. People from Holland introduced this drink to their country and its surroundings. This way, the habit of drinking tea spread to many countries.

Wild tea plants did grow in some remote areas like Assam, in North -East India. However, tea became a popular drink only 200 years ago, when a tea was bought from China to India by the British people lining in our country. Later, to reduce the dependence on Chinese tea, the British plantation owners started cultivating tea in Assam. Assam tea has a district flavor and soon became a popular beverage. Tea plantations came up in other parts of the country as more and more people started drinking tea.

Dust Tea

Make Herbal Tea

The Herbal Tea

Put a few strips of Chinese grass or lemon grass and a glass of water in a vessel. Add a bit of Jaggery. Boil water.

Transfer water to a cup and add some milk. Your cup of herbal tea is ready.

Make a Cup of Black Tea

You need hot water, tea bag, sugar, lemon piece.

Take a glass of boiling hot water – 3/4th full.

Dip the tea bag into the water. Wait till the color of the color of the water changes.

Take out the tea bag. Add a spoon of sugar. Add a few drops of lemon if you want. Your black tea is ready.

Iran Tea


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