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A Day In The Life of This SAHM

Updated on December 1, 2015

Groceries With My Toddler

Hi Everyone,
I had the most interesting day with my toddler. Every day is full of surprises whether it be good ones or bad ones. Either way, I cherish them all. Before I had my son I was working 55 hours a week and longed to be able to stay at home. Now that I have him, he made that possible. I try not to complain because this is exactly what I wanted.

Right now, I am expecting baby boy number two. I couldn't be more excited! Before this pregnancy my days were a breeze. Handling my toddler was a piece of cake. He is your average toddler who is learning and growing more and more everyday. He is curious and does things that I rather him not do but that's all toddlers. No biggie. But, with this new pregnancy. Things are not as easy.

During the first trimester I was nauseated most of the day on top of being plagued with fatigue. Running around after a one year old did not seem ideal anymore. Every time I had to jump up from the couch to stop my son from getting into something, my stomach would turn reminding me "you probably shouldn't move that fast". But if I had to move swiftly, I had to move swiftly. No choice. The times when I knew I was going to be sick, I would hurry and put my son in his high chair and run to the bathroom. I would be over the toilet hearing him curiously call " mommy?!" and I, with every bit of energy I had left would answer as calmly and nonchalantly as I could.
Now that I'm in my second trimester, things are a lot better. The nausea finally subsided and I'm not sleepy all day long. Although, I do still have to take an hour nap when my son takes a nap in order to make it through the rest of the day.

Well, way to go off on a tangent huh? I said all of that to tell you all about my day at home TODAY.

So on a day to day basis we wake up around 8am and eat breakfast by 8:30. Today was grocery day so we went out around 9:30 after getting dresses to the grocery store. My son loves to go grocery shopping. He looks for all of the familiar items and names them. He is also very helpful, hence how I know he is going to be a great big brother. Hopefully I'm right. He likes for me to pick up my items from the shelf and then hand them to him so that he can throw them into the cart. As I push the buggy he takes items from the back of the cart and puts them in the front with him and reads the box to make sure mommy isn't feeding him anything with harmful ingredients (aka looks for pictures and colors and anything else that be deems fun to look at). He's a super fun kid. I have to sneek certain things into the cart or else if he sees them he will pry them open somehow and feast right then and there.

Fast forward:
So we get home and we carry the groceries in the house. Yes, he literally helps me carry the bags in the house. He even takes the bags with the gallons of milk for me and drags them so mommy doesn't have to carry them (I promise I do not force him to do any of these things, he's just that helpful). He even helps put the groceries away. His favorite thing to do is take the bottled waters out of the pack and load them into the fridge.

As I'm occupied putting groceries away, he's not in my way anymore. I look over and he's outside of the kitchen still unloading bags. So, I continue what I'm doing. After a while he still had not come back in the kitchen. I walked over to see what he was doing... Can you take a guess? Okay let's play a game. Before you scroll down, make a prediction about what you think he was doing when I got to him. Post your guess in the comments! This should be fun.

Okay I'm going to tell you now...

Scroll down some more...

I walked over to see what he was doing. With the biggest smile on his face he was sitting on the floor taking each of the eggs out of the carton and tossing them across the room one at a time. Now that I'm closer I could hear him snickering. I mean he was really having the time of his life. I gasped on the inside and slowly walked over and stopped him. Once I got the eggs from him I couldn't help but to crack up. The more I thought about it and recapped him THROWING EGGS IN MY DINING ROOM, the harder I laughed. I was in disbelief. My son absolutely loves to play with balls so I'm not at all surprised. I guess that's what he thought they were and he was just having fun. It gave me a laugh that I really needed.

Now, can you believe that not one of the eggs broke?! My dining room has really thick carpet. Thank God! I can imagine that if the eggs broke I would not have been as amused. If I was not laughing so hard maybe I would have thought to snap a picture. It looked like he was in the middle of an Easter egg hunt or like he was posing for an Easter picture and the photographer placed eggs everywhere.

It was great. I hope you were able to get a visual and laugh with me. That was a memory to jot down in the books!

Thanks for stopping by,



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