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A Food Diary: Qeema Aloo

Updated on July 27, 2017

It was 4 AM in the morning, I was sure that my mom would not be around to steal food right from under my nose, claiming I eat everything around the place. Nothing remains around here, because you exist, she had reprimanded me every time she encountered me eating to survive. So I woke up and started snooping around for food. I found raw minced meat in the freezer, I hoped fervently it wasn’t dog meat, which my mother is capable of placing just to trick me. After having prayed on it, I started planning about how I was going to cook a corner of that large piece. So I left it to thaw for a while and went back to my blogging business.

And there she was, up to drink some water she said. I again wished she would just go back to sleep, she did. I felt relieved.

I got up to cut a small piece off the minced meat and begin the cooking process, and there she was again. Parading around, I told her I was going to cook some meal. She went back a bit satisfied I assumed.

So I deskinned a medium sized onion. Sliced it thinly. Then I put it to fry in the frying pan with a generous amount of oil, we in Pakistan love a bit of oil in our food. Then I added teaspoon of turmeric, same amount of ground coriander, the same amount of ground red chilli together with salt to taste. I let the spices cook with the onions in the frying pan. After the onions were looked a bit fried on the edges, I added the minced meat together with small cubes of deskinned potatoes.

I let them cook for a while, added a little bit of warm water to it, to allow for the potatoes to cook completely to a delicious consistency. The potatoes absorb the juices from the minced meat, and become even more delectable.

It took about 15 to 20 minutes for the dish to get ready, until then I prepared dough for my roti. I was craving a thin roti after having prepared parathas for a while from them. Paratha with fried eggs or with kebab, I have been eating whenever I could.

So I rolled out my thin enough roti and cooked it, until I waited another few minutes for the Qeema Aloo. Then I served the dish, and enjoyed eating it, it was good food in a home where people paid more attention to the negative things in life.

My mother had a nagging habit of complaining. She complained about everything, she complained about her marriage, she complained that she had to prepare food, cut vegetables, do the dishes, get food from the market, all the diseases she ever had, eat, walk, breath etc. She knew how to annoy everyone, and then complained about it. She is a terrible cook, it is like she puts all her regrets and tears into it.

How I like my tea: I like it a bit cooked, the tea has to cook for a couple of minutes on the stove. So I take a cup of water, boil it, then I add a tablespoon full of black tea. I let it cook for a couple of minutes while I enjoy the aroma, then I put a tablespoon for Nestle Everyday Tea Milk into my favorite mug, two tablespoons of white sugar, then I pour my tea over it. I stir the tea until everything melts together in a delicious cup of steaming beverage.

It is supposed to keep me awake but I still nod away to sleep, it has been a lazy week for me.

In the blogs, to come about food, I intend to write about all foods that I will prepare trying to hide from my mother all the while. It is a food diary for the desperate and needy. People will ask me about why I don’t get a job, why don’t you tell me about it. Do you have a solid respectable job? Reply in the comments below, I will wait for your response. Let me know about your favorite food and how you like to cook it.


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