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A London Party Guide

Updated on June 21, 2013

Organising a Rollicking Party

Partying the Night Away
Partying the Night Away

A London Party Guide

Partying does not need any occasion, more so if you are in the city of London that is famous for its partying culture. The city brims with plenty of partying activities daily. It comes as a no surprise, then, you also want to join in the fun.

However, planning a party in a mega city like London is an extremely arduous task. Right from choosing the best venue to cuisines, every step brings a challenge with it. However, you need not worry as here is a complete guide to aid you in the party planning process. Go through it and party opa gangnam style!

London Halls
London Halls | Source
Unusual Venue
Unusual Venue | Source

London Party Venues For Hire

London has a lot of venues, coming from various genres. Find what is on your list, among these types:

Halls for Hire:

Halls for hire are easily accessible in the city, and as a host, you will be able to find as much party halls in west if London as much in central London. So find the most amazing time of a party that matches the occasion, by planning according to the event.

Finest Venues in the City:

There are finest venues in Central London, that show the most vivacious aspect of the city’s party spirit. Central London being the most happening area of the city, observes most vibrating party nights, and these splendid venues have been structured to cater the requirements.

Unusual Venues:

London has some amazing unusual venues, developed from the iconic presence of the city’s attractions like the famous Tower Bridge, London Bridge, the HSQ Wellington, and HMS Belfast and HMS President. Hiring one of these unusual venues is sure going to fascinate your guest list.

Club Ten
Club Ten
Garden Party Venue
Garden Party Venue | Source

Clubs in London

London has some clubs that charm and dazzle the partiers with an idea of having them to a personal amusement. Think about the fabulous Club Ten, or the City University Club! Clubs are versatile, and are sure to bring a bohemian celebration.

Suites and Houses

Suites and houses in London are also available for a personal celebration. Think about the Royal Suite, the Wren Suite, the Skyline Suite and Roof Terrace. Besides, there are houses like the Dr Johnson’s house, St Bridge foundation, and Trinity House.

Garden Venues

London has some open spaces available as venues. Make such London venues a perfect party move out, for a pool party, barbecue party or a wedding in the opens. Find most relevant spaces among such venues, to hire as a suitable theme for your party!

Find a more glaring option in central London if you think that your party has to have that amazing vibrancy that makes guests move to the tunes! If you are having troubles in finding the best party venue in London, visit websites like that has an amazing range of party venues in London. Choose the best venue according to your requirements and dance the night away.

What Else For a Party At The London Venue?


DJs are the crucial point of any party, which bring life music, and dance! Finding a perfect DJ player in your venue might be difficult, but the result will be worth all the effort. There are venues in London, which facilitate the DJs. You can also take suggestions from the experts. Hosts will need this feature, for all the possible celebrations! Wedding celebration to some summer party engagements.

Lip smacking cuisines are integral to any party
Lip smacking cuisines are integral to any party


Cuisine needs proper planning as you have to consider the likes of various guests, which includes vegetarian, non-vegetarian meals to the cuisine choices like pure English, Chinese, Mediterranean, or probably something modern? Though it is a choice to find caterers from outside, it is better to have your cuisine at the venue where you want it.

Apart from the cuisines, drinks and desserts too play an important role in shaping up the success of your party. Make sure that you have an ample stock of cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks at your armoury.

Technical Support

All the parties need this technical support of features like

· Dance Floor

· Lasers

· Sound Systems

· Staging

· Photographs

· Videographer

· Theatrical Effects

· Lighting Specialists

Preparing The Venue

Preparing a venue usually needs finest decorations, flower arrangements, a hospitable staff to take care of the guests, experts to take care of the theme management. So while preparing for any event, you will have to pay attention to this. List these features in your “To Do” list:

· Car Parking

· Disabled Access

· Florists

· Heating(outdoor events)

· Ice

· Outdoor Areas

· Security

· Staff

· Theming/Decorations

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Entertainment Comes In With

Have you yet considered what all would you like to have for a successful entertainment at your party? You can arrange for various entertainments in the city. Before you choose one of the entertainments, see what all options you have!

· Special activities that match the theme?

· Comedy acts?

· Karaoke

· Hypnotists,

· Magicians

· Live Music

· Disco/DJ Hire

Where To Party

Yet decided where would you like to unroll a party? Depending on your guest list, you will have to find a venue that comes with a capacity for the number of guests you intend to invite, have a perfect location which can be reached through a tube or train. Besides, it is crucial to have a car park in the venue, which makes it convenient for the guests to commute. Along this, if you need an accommodation book it too with the venue.

Partying is not as easy as it seems. Nonetheless, with proper planning and taking a clue from this guide, you can organise the perfect party.


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    • zeusspeak profile image

      Celina Martin 6 years ago from London

      I am glad you liked it. I have added some more information to it. Hope that too helps you. Keep visiting :)

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      TajSingh 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      Hi zeusspeak. Thanks for the party guide. This might just come in handy.