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A Natural Breakfast Near The Florida Panhandle.

Updated on January 2, 2010



A natural breakfast near the Florida Panhandle.


Morning has broken
sunny side up
one bright yellow yolk
floats amidst the white puffs
on the blue teflon skies
where my only alarm clock
is the seagulls sharp cries
It is always the same here
each day comes
over easy
till some
tropic storms
whip up
scrambled dashes
for cover
while the only things poached
are some endangered species
like the gators
and natives
born on Florida's coasts
all the tourists
they spread out
egg white flesh
cooked in oils
shaped like porkers
or spare ribs
each one strips
then they sizzle
some get browned
some get Fried!!!
in this sunny-side up world
where little's denied.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~©-MFB III


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