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A Salad A Day: The Recipe for Healthier Living

Updated on July 7, 2011

For individuals seeking to begin a weight reduction program, there is nothing simpler than a meal substitution program.  To start replacing one high calorie meal in the day with a moderate to low calorie salad, something that any individual can prepare, or at least order from a plethora of vendors, with a minimum of effort.  To affect this change it is necessary to complete two important steps, choose the appropriate meal to substitute each day, and of course, choose the appropriate salad.

The selection of the appropriate meal is very important.  Each individual should consume at least 2000 calories a day and that each meal should represent approximately one third of that total.  As a result, the eater must consider what to replace, a high protein and moderate carbohydrate breakfast, a often high carbohydrate lunch, or a dinner with a varying mix of vegetable and protein matter.  The easiest substitution would be lunch where the average American consumes heavy levels of carbohydrates often in the form of bread, often as part of some sort of sandwich or burger.  With that switch, the subject removes significant amounts of carbohydrates which often the cause of weight gains.  However, if the dieter prefers the alternate solution is to substitute the dinner meal with a sizable Dinner salad option. 

With the selection of the meal comes with the selection of the appropriate salad.  With the lunch option, a good choice is a moderately sized mixed green salad with an additional meat option.  Be sure to limit the selection of reinforcement items to prevent accidental destruction of the caloric reduction benefit.  Likewise, it is important to limit the beverage options to a low calorie choice such as a commercially available diet soda, iced water, or iced tea.  With a dinner substitution it is necessary to choose a more substantial meal such as a large Caesar salad augmented with grilled chicken or beef supported with the same beverage options as lunch.  Another dinner option would be a smaller lunch salad, but with an additional side of sliced fruit or perhaps a small amount of chicken or tuna salad.  Either way, dinner or lunch salads must meet both nutritional needs as well as the tastes of the individual to be effective in this situation.  Beware however, of the salads that only pretend to be salads with a few pieces of lettuce and a pile of deep fried meats.

On the whole, a good salad can replace any meal if the individual plans correctly.  Choose a meal, either lunch or dinner, and substitute an appropriate salad that meets both nutritional goals and personal tastes.  The salad, lunch or dinner, is an easy substitution with the replacement of a sandwich or burger with a moderately sized collection of meat and vegetables.  Remember, however to choose a salad that has nutritional value as well as taste, and not one of the culinary concoctions that is only a pretend salad. 


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