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A Salutation to Coffee

Updated on February 21, 2018


Its that steaming black cup of revival. Often the first thing to touch your lips following the adventures within the fuzzy, almost too real, dimensional state of dreams. It works to cleanse the system, crystallized by a stiff robotic walk to the toilet, testing your core muscles to prevent an embarrassing and ever so stinky morning.

It must be respected, one too many cups and you quickly transform into a jaw jittering, overly conversational jackass. However, just the right amount and you are suddenly able to merge both the physical self, as well as the mental self towards a symbiotic state: prepared to charge into the day with little to no doubt.

A House of Worship

For many, coffee acts as a ritualistic experience that hints at a greater religion, a religion which is practiced on a daily basis. Like most religions, the gospel of coffee is dynamic, there are many houses of worship. Each abiding house likens the coffee experience to be a social one, yet at the same time accepts the lone coffee worshiper. No matter which way you choose to interact with the deity of coffee there is always conversation, whether that be with another functioning individual(s) or with the inner voice embedded in the mind.

At this very moment, I happen to be participating in the latter: Comfortable, yet semi-confused on whether I am engaged with my own personal inner voice or perhaps, I am conversing with the stream of consciousness that is coffee. Perhaps that barista slipped something into my coffee.


My Salutations

I for one, am not quite sure where I teeter at the moment in regards to my coffee intake. The more I blabber upon this virtual piece of paper the less I produce anything of rational nature. That may be the true beauty of coffee. It is the agent sometimes needed to accelerate the hamster wheel of the mind. A wheel powered by both gibberish and intriguing thought alike.

I salute you coffee. I salute your ability to hug me from the inside. I salute your ability to dispel my clogged bowels.

Most importantly, I salute you the reader. You must have drank twice the amount of coffee to manage in reading the entirety of this article.


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