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How To Start A Liquid Diet For Weight Loss

Updated on May 22, 2013

When one hears of a friend, colleague or family member going on a liquid diet probably among the first thoughts that come to mind is how on earth will that be possible–not eating anything and surviving on just juices for extended periods of time. However, for those who’ve successfully achieved their health objective from going on this challenging regiment, the sacrifice is well worth the effort.

When considering to invest time, effort and resources of a liquid diet, it is imperative to prepare oneself physically and mentally even before setting out. Losing weight is oftentimes the commonest goal but for others the added benefits of detoxification is a welcome bonus. Other objectives are sometimes prescribed by the doctor like getting ready for a surgery.

As with any diet program, especially those that are a bit extreme in the sense that food and calorie intake are significantly reduced, it is wise to consult and the guidance of a professional who can assess your body prior to the program and take you through it in a healthy manner up to the attainment of your goal. Do not be tempted by quick fix solutions that promise amazing results in a short amount of time. These are often marketed in mass media and are accompanied by photos of people who’ve lost several dress or pant sizes in a matter of days. One tip: read the fine print!

As the name suggests, liquid diets are characterized by the significant restricting of the amount of calories ingested. This is primarily done by practically taking out most if not all solid foods for prescribed amounts of time. The varying factor is what is/are the liquid/s allowed on the diet. Some prescribe taking only fruit and/or vegetable juices, shakes and smoothies at different times of the day. Some are not particular in the liquids taken while others dictate that certain combinations of fruit and vegetable juices be taken. Another type of liquid diets involves keeping one meal like dinner comprised of solid healthy food and replacing breakfast and lunch with a drink. The drinks are usually sold in health food shops and even supermarkets and come in powdered form or ready to drink cans. Powdered drinks are combined with water, milk or juices and supposedly contain adequate macro and micronutrients required in an entire meal.

Some vegetarians and even raw vegans advocate the health benefits particularly the weight loss effects of going on a liquid diet. Some call it a juice fast but instead of chemical or instant powders, they promote consuming different concoctions of fruits and vegetables tastefully blended into juices, shakes and smoothies. It is wise to go for organic ingredients to get the most benefit out of the program.


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