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A Stylish Meal: Vegetarian Brunch

Updated on September 9, 2013

Kitchen creation:

For the most part, I'm a microwave-the-leftovers kinda gal. But recently, I decided to put in the effort and make a perfect late-summer luncheon--yummy, healthy, and pretty! People say that food tastes better if it looks good, and I had to test that hypothesis. I usually rush through food preparation, so it was fun to take my time and pay attention to every element. Fortunately, I was pleased with my end result--my brunch was both delicious and darling!

Do the dishes:

The basis of a beautiful meal is a beautifully set table. I made sure to choose dishes that complemented each other aesthetically. Each piece is celadon green and leaf-patterned, with the tangerine napkin for contrast. The plates were purchased in Japan, and the mug was handmade by Mary Sauve, an artisan in Portland, Oregon. The napkin is also Japanese, and I'm pretty sure the silverware was thrifted.

Who's hungry?

I wanted the food itself to feature a variety of colors and textures--but not too many! The black cherry juice, pomegranate seeds, and raspberries are all a dark magenta; the yogurt and slices of Brie cheese are creamy and smooth. Golden agave syrup drizzled in the yogurt even matches the sliced apples in the salad! You get the picture.

Don't forget the details:

I had a lot of fun shooting macros of various parts of my meal--but eventually I had to actually eat it. My conclusion is that yes, good-looking food tastes better!


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