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A Visit to the Local Smashburger

Updated on December 7, 2011

                                                   Dinner at the Smashburger

 On Thursday, Sept. 30, myself and my two best friends, Miranda and Meredith (Mere), went to Smashburger for the first time. The adventure started before we even got there in that Google maps didn’t give us the most accurate directions but we did manage to find the place nestled in a cute shopping strip. Once inside we all realized it was a fairly new establishment because of the new smell. It was a small place which was nice because it gave it very cozy feel. When I first came in I noticed that along the walls words like “SMASH” and “SIZZLE” were painted in bold red and gray letters and above us were the neatest modern lights not to bright and not to dim. All around it was very modern and up to date

Since we’d never been there before it took us a bit to decide what to eat but luckily there was a menu set up as a large standing sign near the counter so we wouldn’t hold up the line. We were so excited to find that they had “create your own” burgers and I was even more excited to see garlic sautéed mushrooms! The prices were really good too. Once we got to the counter we felt very squished because there were two registers on one very small counter. I felt very self conscious when a customer to our left was staring at us all huddled at the counter to order. After I paid for my order and Miranda was busy paying for hers and Meredith‘s, Mere and I went looking for seats. We settled on some over close to the restrooms more secluded. The moment I sat down I felt like I was sitting on a cloud! The gray booth seats were so squishy and smooth. Miranda pointed out to us that the soft texture wouldn’t stick to your legs if you wore shorts. Across from our booth was the window where the cooks handed out the food to the staff. When an order was ready the cook would ring the bell and call out “Smash up!”. The food was served on the neatest set up: the burger was on a wire tray lined with paper and Mere’s and my Smashfries came in wire baskets while Miranda’s fried pickles came in a metal dish. It was quite refreshing from the usual plates and plastic treys at most burger joints.

Before we started eating we all looked over are food to make sure we got what we wanted. Mine was piled high with mushrooms and onions just like I wanted but only three pickles. Miranda’s had bacon just like she asked and once Mere saw the lovely strips her eyes grew wide and she immediately began to negotiate a few fries for some bacon, an offer which Miranda promptly refused. After Mere said grace one by one we all began to take our first bites out of our 1/3 lb Smashburgers. After we each took our bites we all sharply looked up and exclaimed how amazing the food was. We all agreed these were the best burgers we’d ever had, they were moist and fresh.  Then it was time to see if the Smash sides were just as good. The fries were crispy and the seasoning was to die for, then Mere dipped hers into the ranch and it got even better. To my surprise I even liked the fried pickle Miranda handed me because it wasn’t soggy like other restaurant fried pickles. The pickles were so good that when Miranda dropped one under the table she looked at her sister and they both unanimously agreed it was safe to eat, and eat it she did. 

After we devoured our food I looked at my watch and realized we gulped it all down in twenty minuets, an amazing feat for us since we’re all slow eaters. As we sat visiting we all wished we had ordered the ½ lbs instead because it was so good. Miranda even noted that the water was good and didn’t have the common chlorine taste. As the hour grew later I noticed most of the people were men getting take out, probably fathers taking home dinner for their families. There were a few moms too with they’re kids, also getting take out. At one point one child began emitting the strangest chirping noises, it was the cutest sound. All in all the Smashburger was amazing from the food to the attentive staff who always walked by and asked how we were doing. I’m one-hundred percent sure the three of us will definitely be eating there again.


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