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A cheaper alternative to red bull and energy drinks

Updated on June 4, 2010

Vitamin B6 for energy metabolism

Liquid Vitamin B complex from GNC. 60 doses for 8$
Liquid Vitamin B complex from GNC. 60 doses for 8$

The energy drink secret

Short and sweet - have you looked at the ingredients of energy drinks in general? Most of them have obscure herbs and components, along with a ton of sugar. But the real active ingredient is the vitamin B6 and caffeine.

How do I know this? As a lucid dreamer I've experimented with a bunch of dietary supplements over the past 8 years. Lucid dreaming is tough and people take all the help they can get. One of the most effective supplements is vitamin B6. It helps with the energy metabolism and has a very dramatic effect on the mind and dreaming.

Combined with caffeine, vitamin B6 helps you feel more energetic and alive. It is guaranteed to work within 60 minutes of the first dose when taken in liquid form along with caffeine! Sweet and simple. Try that yourself. As a college student I used that as a study aid.

Vitamin B6 is often sold as a pill of 50 or 100mg. This is too much and is way more than the recommended daily value. Recently I discovered that GNC has a liquid version with dropper. This allows you to have a 2mg dose in liquid form.

Vitamin B6 and B vitamins are water soluble and leave your body rather quickly. This is why some supplements have thousands of % of the daily recommended dose. Long term intake of 200mg+ per day has shown to have peripheral nerve damage.

The math is really simple. 60 liquid doses for 8$? Compare this to the cost of red bull, which retails for 1.50$ per can.


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