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A day at Chicken Republic

Updated on August 19, 2013

I had been seeing many outlets of Chicken republic opening up gradually in many locations Lagos but then they had not been fully operational yet and so I dreamed of a day when I would at least visit them to see how their service was like. Well, they are finally fully open now and it was time to check them out.

Chicken republic is one of those fast food outlets in Lagos where Nigerians who love quality food can go out and eat or order take aways.

I decided to pay them a visit at the weekend and it was a cool experience. Chicken republic has a basic package that costs N650($4) and this consists of a pack of jollof rice and a piece of chicken. This came at N650 and if you are buying soft drink like a coca cola, that came with an extra cost of N200.

In a country where majority of people are said to live on less than a dollar a day or if you ask me, at least on $2 a day in a city like Lagos, it can be hard for most ordinary people to buy food on a daily basis at fast food outlets like Chicken republic. So I think it is mostly targeted at middle class and rich Nigerians who can spend at least N700 on a plate of food while low income Nigerians can afford to maybe visit it once in a while for treats.

The meals at Chicken republic is mostly centered around chicken menus since they sure know how to do chicken and their list consists of packages such as Spicy Fried Express to Spicy Chicken meal. In fact, I don't think there have any meal that doesn't come with a Chicken piece.

I decided to try out their basic chicken meal that comes at N650 and even thought it would include a complimentary soft drink but I was charged an extra N200 for that making a total of N850.

Did the rice and chicken taste right? Well it was ok but I won't say it was that superb compared to what I've eaten at other restaurants.

Bottom line is if you are going to Chicken republic alone, try to budget at least N1000 and if you are going with someone, you would probably need double that. I've not tried out their other meals but will do a review when I do that next time.

A Chicken republic outlet

A chicken republic outlet on Bode Thomas, Surulere, Lagos
A chicken republic outlet on Bode Thomas, Surulere, Lagos

How to buy a meal

To order for a meal, you'd need to go to the counter, and place your order, make payment with cash or card and then collect your meal. You can eat inside the restaurant or do a take away.

There are also other restaurants in the same niche as Chicken republic which I've visited and these includes the following:

  1. Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)
  2. Tastee Fried Chicken (TFC)

I won't say my experience with Chicken republic was the best since they are relatively new and I've not tried out their other meals. They sure do have good customer service and a decent environment.


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