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A fun food Quiz plus recipes and facts

Updated on April 29, 2015
A healthy diet pie chart
A healthy diet pie chart | Source

I thought I would make up a food quiz. Why not try to see how well you do, please enjoy.

Also you may learn something important for your health

TRY not to cheat, the answers are all in the text.......

So don't scroll down too fast

I would like to thank and Patty Inglish for the photo's

Make your own Paneer

I have made Paneer many times, it is very simple and the link on the right shows how to do it. it is used in many Indian recipes, it has very little flavour but spices and herbs really bring out the best in it, One of our favourites is Paneer and peas.

Paneer and peas

Romanesco Broccoli

This form of broccoli hales from Italy and is becoming more popular. It is full of vitamin C, dietry fibre, and many other useful vitamins and minerals, as are its many forms.

All broccoli are better for you raw steamed or stir fried as this causes less loss of antioxidants.

This woman is a great cook! Do not worry about using green sprouting broccoli {Tender stem} instead of the yellow Japanese version


Did you know

Aubergines although used and thought of as a vegetable are actually a berry fruit.

They come from the nightshade family which includes many poisonous varieties. but also many popular foods such as potatoes , tomatoes and bell peppers.

Some people are sensitive to these foods and if you suffer from chronic joint pain, cutting down or removing them from your diet may prove helpfull


Well known for its pungent odour garlic has been used for centuaries both as a flavouring and a medicinal herb.

It is related to onions and other alliums, and is now grown all over the world.

Some studies have shown garlic to help reduce high blood pressure, but the form of garlic taken and the reactions on different people make it difficult to analyse accurately.

But taking some form of garlic cannot hurt and may well help, it helped my father years ago, but he ate minced straight from the jar every day and reeked!

Excellent fruit to add to your diet

Blueberries come from North America, and can be expensive to buy, but it is worth adding these to your diet regularly if you can.

They are low in calories and high in nutrients and phenolic compounds that have higher antioxidant effect than vitamin C, which it also has of course.

Some children such as those with Autism are often recommended to try and eat a low phenol diet, so these are not a good food for them


An Indian salad used making the following ingredients,

Chopped onions, tomatoes, mint leaves, coriander leaves and cucumber, in the portions you wish to use,

Also salt , pepper and a sprinkle of lemon juice.

If you like chilli add a little powder, or fresh green chillies if you like it stronger.

did you enjoy this quiz?

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      Tom Caton 7 years ago from The Desk

      I like! (had to cheat for kachumbar but....)