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A Review of Tong Steak Jerky

Updated on August 19, 2019
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Finnegan Williams loves delicious food and nice cafes. He lives in Southern California.

A Little About Tong

The company claims that they were inspired by a trip to South Africa where the chefs had a chance to experience biltong, which is a traditional cured meat. This technique was combined with the American practices of manufacturing jerky and Tong was created.

Biltong, according to online resources, is an African cured meat that is often made from local wild game, cut a certain way and dired.

The word is Dutch in origin: bil (buttock) and tong (tounge or strip) - according to Wikipedia.

The company seems to be fairly new, having started in 2010 by two college students from Los Angeles.

It's pretty good jerky overall. My personal favorites are the Original and the Salt and Pepper.

Original Salt and Pepper

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Original Salt and Pepper

Overall Rating: 9.5

One of the best jerkies I've tasted. The meat was just tender enough and the peppered flakes were full of flavor. The right amount of sweetness and heat.

Delicious slices of rich, smoky steak, seasoned with the right spices. Large peppercorns adorn the meaty chunks which easily break off and melt in your mouth.

My mouth was pleasantly on fire and the brown sugar provided an energetic relief. You can taste the work that went into this sample and I found myself wondering how I could replicate it.

It is probably one of the better jerkies - of any flavor - that I have enjoyed in a long time. My favorite of the Tong series.

Tong Steak Jerky Tacos - from the website.


- Finely sliced up tong jerky (Recommended Salt and pepper)




-Chopped onions


Place small tortilla on frying pan at low heat, add cheese on top until the cheese is melted. Once cheese is melted add your finely sliced Tong Jerky as the protein, then garnish with choice of onions, avocado and cilantro according to taste and squeeze some lime juice on top.

Here you have perfect steak tacos in less than 5 minutes.

Honey Pepper

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Honey Pepper

Overall Rating: 8

This jerky was pretty good with a light kind of syrupy sweet taste. A little spicy as well with large peppercorns.

The meat was moist and seemed to have a unique texture.

Of the other samples, I think this was my least favorite, but it was still pretty delicious.

Pleasant aroma - you can detect the honey - and the meat pulls apart in little fragments. If you like your jerky on the moist side, this is a sure bet.

The spice isn't overwhelming, so if you like a milder jerky, then this is a sure bet for you.

The sweetness is subtle and a bit herby.

An all right sample.

What is the most important element of jerky?

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The Flavors

Original Salt & Pepper
Adorned with spicy peppercorns that break off in delicious chunks. Sweet smoky and brown sugar flavor. Perfect tenderness/texture.
Honey Pepper
Nice smoky flavor, and I like the peppercorns. The honey flavor was a bit subtle. A little sweet in a way that reminded me of cloves.
Classic Recipe
Very delicious. Just moist enough to taste authentic. Good smoky flavor, Like real steak.
Siracha Style BBQ

Classic Recipe

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Classic Recipe

Overall Rating: 8.5

One of the better regular jerkies I've tasted in awhile. The meat was just moist enough, but held together well.

The pieces broke off like real slivers of steak. Rich smoky flavors and just enough sense of spice to fill your mouth with pleasant sensations.

The jerky was very good and filling and satisfied my appetite for lunch. Appealing aroma, not messy and the slices were cut just right.


Siracha Style BBQ

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Siracha Style BBQ

Review Coming soon....

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Finn


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