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Abs are made in the kitchen

Updated on August 11, 2015

Worrying about weight loss causes almost as many problems as the weight itself. The body's stress hormones, DH EA and cortisol, react to our feelings, not only physically stressful situations. The stress of being heavy can cause the hypothalamus to secrete hormones which interfere with the digestive process. Instead of dealing with the food, the body basically says, "Hey, things are kind of stressful right now, let's just shoot some insulin in there and store it for later.” Cortisol tells the body to store fat; in males this results in belly fat; females store their extra on the posterior, legs and hips.

Thus it is that we are left with deciding how to rid ourselves of the unwanted weight, the cause of our worry, poor health, and low self-image. Diet and exercise are the only two things we have control over, as we can only remove those stressors that are dependent upon our actions; dogs will bark, bosses will set tough deadlines, and family will give us more stress than we feel we can handle.

The truth about dietary fat

The human body is designed to survive during times of famine. We need fatty acids in order to perform activities for long periods of time. The two sources of fuel for the body are glycogen, derived from carbohydrate and stored in the muscles and liver, and fatty acids, derived from a chain of events within the cells which converts body fat and dietary fat into energy for use.

When we avoid dietary fat and the body decides that there is not enough available for our usual level of activity, any food that comes in is going to be immediately marked for storage. This means extra body fat is being created while you are avoiding that extra serving of bacon.

The opposite is also true» increase the amount of fat in your diet and the body begins to rely more heavily on fatty acids for energy rather than glycogen (sugar). The difference between someone who uses fat for energy and someone who uses sugar is the difference between having a constant level of energy, low appetite and better moods, and someone who needs a nap after eating, is hungry for most of the day

Sugar, the sweet killer

In government studies, the experts have often looked at fat intake and improperly correlated it with overweight people. What they were missing was the whole picture- what kind of fat was being taken in and was it being taken with another macronutrient? The answer was saturated fats and ample amounts of sugar were regularly being ingested by the bulk of the bulky people being used for study. These calories were coming not from natural sources like plants and animals, but rather from the insidious and oft-derided donut.

The problem with the donut is not the fat within, but the sugar. Sugar is a poison while in the blood stream, so the body sends a signal to dump insulin in order to flush the sugar out of the blood. From there, it goes immediately to be stored as body fat. So sugar causes a hormonal change and the storage of fat; when you combine a high-fat diet with sugar, you get even fatter.

Fatty acid utilization

The myth that the human body is like a car, take out the fuel and you will be lighter. Is just plain silly. Calories are good, and your goal is not to “rid” the body of these life-giving gems. Instead, use exercise to directly target the stored fat on the body. Low intensity exercise is anything you can do consistently for longer periods of time, say 10 minutes or longer. This kind of activity utilizes fatty acids for energy and thus turns body fat into fuel.


Weight loss programs are really a nutritional pound reducing strategy that recommends fat burning meals. It's really an effective and safe way to lose weight. This is an organic solution for anyone who must shed unwanted weight and they want to do it as naturally as possible. A healthy weight loss program that has all the carbs you'll need and this diet plan is the natural solution to eliminating the "so-called" wellness foods which store a lot of fats within your body. This program wants you to eat plenty of food that helps in shedding those unwanted lbs, this is just the reverse to some of the more typical beliefs.

A lot of physical fitness experts highly recommend natural belly fat burning meals along with regular exercise for a less dangerous and more effective weight loss program.

What is Organic Food?

"Organic Foods" are gaining popularity nowadays. However, most people are not accustomed to the definition of organic food. Organic foods are developed naturally without having synthetic fertilizers, dangerous fungicides, herbicides, pesticides, and so on. These harvesting practices deliver naturally developed crops; the same way the people of ancient times did it.

Why You Should Avoid Processed Foods?

Then again, traditional farm proprietors use vast amounts of chemicals on their crops. Those dangerous residues stay on the food and we ingest this every day.

Based upon scientific studies, natural foods tend to be notably more potent in minerals and vitamins and have fewer nitrates when compared with conventionally developed crops.

Nevertheless, it is true that organic foods are somewhat more costly. A lot of people desire to eat more organic foods, but they cannot afford to do so. Can a value be put on eating something that has been grown organically?

Is There Presently an Inexpensive Method to Obtaining Naturally Grown Foods?

Indeed, there is an affordable means of having an organic diet plan. Search out different farmers’ marketplaces in your town. Stay away from processed foods, health bars and so on. These are costly stuffs that you need to take off your grocery list.

Select natural foods to purchase. For example, nectarines, apples, pears, strawberries, peaches, raspberries, cherries; hot peppers, vegetables bell peppers, celery, spinach and potatoes can be purchased organically through a farmers’ market.

The next group of food stuffs can be purchased simply as they have reduced traces of chemicals: asparagus, cauliflower, onions, radishes, okra, brussel sprouts, broccoli, cabbage as well as eggplant. Plantains, pineapples, avocados, papayas, plums, mangoes, apples, watermelons, berries and kiwi fruit may also be predictable.

Choose beef and dairy products which have not been given any chemically enhanced medicines. Choose free grazing beef and dairy products.


Organic food is actually important to have a useful weight loss routine. Switching from preserved meals to natural meals, this useful and affordable way is an excellent idea for any weight loss program. Going organic with this particular weight loss program is the natural solution and a smart decision.


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