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Absolut Vodka Taste Test: a Review of the Most Popular Spirit In the World

Updated on July 5, 2013

Absolut Vodka was introduced to the world market in 1979. Ever since then, the popularity of the Absolut brand has been on the rise. Now, Absolut is the third most popular liquor brand behind Bacardi and Smirnoff. Skeptics attribute Absolut's success to their marketing team. On the other hand, Absolut Vodka is currently the most popular liquor in the world and it is unlikely that marketing techniques alone propelled Absolut Vodka to the top. Let's take a critical look at the drink and find out how the taste of Absolut Vodka stacks up against the competition.

Why Vodka Snobs Hate Absolut

Popularity can actually be a bad thing when it comes to being a connoisseur. Vodka enthusiasts often look down on Absolut simply due to the fact that it is so common. The taste of the drink itself isn't bad, but you are not going to impress anyone if you order a shot of it at the bar. This is an important thing to know if you are on a date or if you are meeting to discuss business with an important client. In those types of situations, you might be better off choosing a high shelf vodka like Belvedere or Grey Goose.

During our taste test, we were unable to see a real difference between the taste of Belvedere and the taste of Absolut. Personally, if I am going to spend money on a high shelf drink it is not going to be vodka. I'd rather invest in a good bourbon or a whiskey. Different whiskey and bourbon drinks have distinctive flavors caused by their age, the type of wooden cask it was aged in, and many other factors. With high shelf vodka, you're mostly paying extra to not taste the drink. That's why Vodka labels often contain information about the type of purity and filtration system that was used to make the drink.

It's Better In a Cocktail

Extremely cheap vodka has a distinctive chemical taste. Though we didn't notice much of a difference between Absolut and Belvedere, we were able to detect the taste of cheap vodka during our taste test even when it was combined with orange juice. You won't get a chemical burn in your mouth if you drink Absolut Vodka, which makes it a good vodka to choose if you want a smooth taste without spending extra money on an expensive brand.

The taste of Absolut pairs well with citrus. If you are making screwdrivers, we think that using high shelf vodka is a waste of money. If you need a vodka for making cocktails, Absolut is a good choice.

How to Drink Absolut Straight

If you want to drink Absolut straight, it's wise to add several squirts of lemon or lime first in order to hide the slight aftertaste. Adding ice and letting it sit for a while before drinking it will also help take the edge off, though melted ice will water down the drink to some extent.

Slightly Sweet at Room Temperature

The taste of Absolut varies depending on its temperature. At room temperature, you will start to notice a slight amount of sweetness. If you're planning a party, you can prepare a cocktail in a large container ahead of time and store it in the refrigerator. Then, serve it chilled with no ice. As it warms, the sweet flavor of Absolut at mid-range temperatures combines nicely with the tang of orange juice or grapefruit.

Get a Deal

Absolut Vodka is so wildly popular that many bars and restaurants buy it in bulk. Some bars even use Absolut Vodka as their rail vodka. If you happen to like Absolut, you can get good deals on it during happy hours and other occasions where special discounts are offered. Absolut Vodka is the type of spirit that is ideal if you are planning to host a large party or a wedding, etc.


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