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Acid Free Coffee

Updated on July 24, 2012
It can be difficult to find acid free coffee but there is a DIY method which may work for you.
It can be difficult to find acid free coffee but there is a DIY method which may work for you.

Coffee is certainly one of the most popular drinks in the morning. The ever increasing number of coffee shops on our high streets would seem to indicate that this trend is not about to decline any time soon. Unfortunately, drinking coffee, especially to excess is not altogether healthy. Some people are sensitive to caffeine which can cause heart palpitations and some find they get heartburn after drinking it. For those who have little tolerance of caffeine there are of course caffeine free versions, but to avoid heartburn, the best way is to try to drink acid free coffee. This will also help if you are one of those who find that they have an acid stomach afterwards too.

It is possible to produce low acid coffee and this is usually done using Arabica beans which are thought to have one of the lowest acid contents of any coffee bean. They are roasted and steamed in such a way that most of the acid leaves the bean before it is ready to be ground up to make that delicious cup of coffee.

You can also try a DIY method which some people find helps to reduce the effects of acid in coffee. To do this, pour around a pound of freshly ground coffee and add around eight cups of water to it. Leave this to soak in a dark cool place for around 18 hours. After that, filter the coffee and retain the liquid. This will be highly concentrated and can be added to hot water to produce a low acid coffee. You should only need around two tablespoons for it to have sufficient flavour, though this will depend on your own taste of course. You should be able to keep this in the fridge for a couple of weeks before you need to make a new batch.

If this doesn't work for you, have a look around. There are some companies who claim to make a completely acid free coffee so it may be that trial and error to see what suits you best is the best approach if you are sensitive to the acidity of coffee.


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