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Adam's Eats: Taco Bell Rolls Out New $1.00 Crunch Wrap Sliders

Updated on January 4, 2015

On a recent trip to my local Taco Bell on W. Hillsborough Ave in Tampa, Florida I tried the all new Crunch Wrap Slider for just $1.00. The new Crunch wrap sliders come in 3 different varieties BLT, Beefy Cheddar and Spicy Chicken. The Crunch Wrap Slider is marketed to be a smaller version of its original Crunch Wrap and Breakfast Crunch Wrap varieties. (there are also two new Breakfast Crunch Wraps Country AM and California AM) In reality however it was about 3/4's the size of a standard crunch wrap. At 1 dollar the large size of the product seems to show it's value.

The taste, so how was it? Well I tried two of the three entries, a colleague of mine tried the other. First I sampled the BLT. The BLT as with all the other crunch wraps (excluding the AM which uses hashbrowns) contains Fritos brand corn chips. The other ingredients include bacon, lettuce, tomato and supposedly a creamy-avocado ranch sauce. The bacon which the promotional wrapper describes as crispy was not instead it was chopped and diced resembling a bacon bit type of bacon. It tasted good along with the crunch of the Fritos brand corn Chips. I didn't notice much of a flavor in the lettuce and none at all in the diced tomatoes. The creamy avocado-ranch sauce didn't taste like avocado or ranch but more like a sour cream/mayonnaise mix. In all it was decent.

After consuming the BLT Slider I tried the Beefy Cheddar. It stands by that name "Beefy Cheddar" containing Taco Bell's seasoned Beef and Nacho cheese found in most tacos and Chalupas. Frito's are the other ingredient, sadly the taste and the consistency of the Frito is lost due to it being covered in Nacho Cheese and beef, it's not crunchy and kind of soggy. It was just mediocre.

My colleague Brent tried the third variety the Spicy Chicken. I wish I would have tried this one. According to Brent it was the best of the 3. It comes with shredded chicken, a creamy chipotle sauce and Frito's. He liked the shredded chicken and the chipotle sauce which was a little spicy but not overbearing, the chipotle sauce also didn't take away the crunch and flavor of the Fritos.

The shell, all of the sliders ingredients are tucked into a grilled tortilla shell. The shell itself is dry and kind of bland, I would prefer if Taco Bell started flavoring the shell of the crunch wraps themselves. Well those are my views on the new $1.00 Crunch Wrap Sliders from Taco Bell, good value and decent taste. Stay tuned for more food reviews in the future.

Adam Evans

Taco Bell Crunch Wrap Slider
Taco Bell Crunch Wrap Slider | Source


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    • profile image

      Suzette Evans 

      4 years ago

      I loved the detail of your review; helped me decide, I will definitely try the chicken! Good job!

    • profile image

      mark zeisz 

      4 years ago

      Awesome review!


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