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How to add some fun and style to your drinks with great Video Game Cocktails

Updated on January 26, 2013

Modern Warfare 3 Grenade Frag Shot

Really cool video game cocktails

Do you drink the same boring and played out drink time and time again? Well, let me tell you. There are some incredible video game cocktails that step your mind and an your creativity up in a whole different level. They had some really peculiar flavors and some really interesting strength all in one to give you a taste or a vibe you would have never thought possible. You see the picture on the left? That's the Modern Warfare 3 Frag Grenade cocktail/shot.

The recipe includes:

A shot called the SOAP MACTAVISH.
The recipe includes:
1/2oz Green Creme de Menthe
1/2oz Limoncello
You end up with the colors of the Modern Warfare 3 logo after it's poured.

The second shot is the JAGERNAUT
1/2oz Baileys
1/2oz Jagermeister

The third shot is the VLADIMIR MAKAROV
1oz Black Vodka
Half fill with Energy Drink

You find a big glass for that third shot and pour both of the earliest shots in and take it as a bomb. You definitely get the whole technological vibe when you down all three of these different shots in one go. Talk about buzzworthy!

Some shots aren't so focused on being elaborate, but just giving a cool and easy element to the experience. For instance, a game like Pokemon, you get this cute and cuddly yet fierce competition vibe. A shot such as the Dratini is a great example. The cocktail consists of a few key elements such as: 1 1/2oz Gin, 1 1/2oz Hpnotiq, and Splash of Blue Curacao. The color maybe cute and cuddly to some, but the strength DEFINITELY covers up for the color! Things aren't what they seem and that can be said for this particular cocktails.

Why do these shots add something a bit unusual and great to your party? Think about it. Let's say you are having a video game party and want to step it up. You can create a whole party based on a theme like Modern Warfare 3 or Pokemon and have everyone that drinks and plays video game take a shot or drink a cocktail just to make things a bit more interesting. Why not get a little buzz before playing a great game to make this more challenging for you and friends.

Why not make it a tournament style thing such as Street Fighter x Tekken! Everyone has to take a shot or drink a cocktail before the tournament starts and you really test your sills with parrying, counters, super moves, combinations, and tag movements. There are countless other video game cocktails out there with most coming from a few great sites such as The Drunken Moogle and James Loading Bar.

The Tipsy Bartender channel has a few of these actually posted on YouTube in video format, so I'll show you a few of these shots below to see them in action! For more cool video game shots and cocktails, you can check out my Playstation and my Great Cocktail Recipes blog for more details! Enjoy! Happy Gaming!

Modern Warfare 3 Frag Grenade Shot

Pokemon "The Dratini" Cocktail

Street Fighter x Tekken cocktail


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    • shin_rocka04 profile image

      shin_rocka04 5 years ago from Maryland

      Yeah. black vodka is definitely not the easiest thing to find in stores but I'm sure you can find it somewhere online. If you go to either James Loading Bar or the Drunken Moogle site, you'll find hundreds of different video game cocktail recipes. There's a video game bar in Japan dedicated to Capcom characters from the Resident Evil and Street Fighter series.

    • barbergirl28 profile image

      Stacy Harris 5 years ago from Hemet, Ca

      This is really kind of cool. I don't know if I would be able to do the drinks and then test my skills, but I like trying something that is new and different. Now I just need to find Black Vodka. I saw another recipe that used it and haven't been able to find it!