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Affordable 100% heirlooms seeds

Updated on March 18, 2016

Smart Seeds

As the snow melts and splotches of Green are starting to become visible, we’re constantly being reminded that the dreaded season is finally over. We shed the extra layers of clothing and the environment is woken from its snow induced sleep which caused its activities to remain dormant. It springs to life resuming its different processes hence the name of the season SPRING. Gardens are tended to, lands are cultivated, and seeds are planted, as the rain creates awareness of its unavoidable presence.

Tis the season to wear lighter colours, pastels and blues. Tis the season to enjoy the refreshing feel of the rain, dancing under its sprays with careless abandon. Tis the season to enjoy new lattes at Starbucks, to mess up the names and hope that the barista knows what you’re talking about. Tis the season to plant, and hope there is enough rain for your plant to bloom. Tis the season for organic heirloom seeds.

These seeds are organic, they are naturally engineered to be re-usable by farmers in this sowing season. It saves time as well as money, because when money is invested into these, farmers have the assurance of getting four to five uses out of these seeds. They are completely healthy and free from chemicals, hence its popularity in the healthy living circle.

These seeds are being sold by a young group of four entrepreneurs, who target farmers in the Ottawa area for this sowing season. They aim to create an online store in order to effectively sell their products as well as make it also accessible in the event that the business expands further into other cities and provinces. The seeds are created by Smart Seeds, a company dedicated to serving farmers and making their desired products more accessible. The proceeds made from the sale would be going to the Nature Conservancy Canada (NCC).

Let’s spring forth into this new season with ease. Purchase organic seeds to save you time and money as well as make your produce better than what it already is.

Smart Seeds

Healthy living and healthy eating is one of the trendy style of living in this contemporary era.


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