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Conserve our Fish Resources

Updated on August 31, 2014



Use of poisons and explosives alters water

Chemistry and destroy not only fish but

Other aquatic organisms including fish feeds

Prohibition of the use of explosives, noxious

Or poisonous substances including fishing with

Electricity is not only necessary but must

Be enforced

Some species of fish perform seasonal breeding

Migration during which they are caught in large

Quantities making spawning impossible

Declaration of a closed and open seasons or areas

Are necessary to protect breeding and nursery

Grounds and to allow over-fished stock to recover

Poverty is a driving factor to catch fish of any size

Including juveniles as a result enforcing gear

Restriction such as imposition of minimum mesh

Size of nets is very important

Limitless fishing effort is another way which hasten

The exhaustion of resources if left uncontrolled

Therefore there must be control and regulation of

Fishing activities through issuing of licenses

To determine limit of total effort for any particular

Body of water

Sustained development and exploitation of fish

Resources depend on the maintenance of a balance

Between the rate of fish harvest and the regenerative

Capacity of the fish stocks

Upsetting this balance in favor of the former will result

In over-fishing and its attendant adverse economic and

Social consequencies to fish resources, fishermen and

The world population who need fish as a source of protein.


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    • tonymodus profile image

      tonymodus 6 years ago

      Thanks Emer420 for taking out time to read my hub and post your comment. Even right now, some species of fish are already endangered and if nothing is done now there may be no fish for our future generation and that will be tragic. So conservation of fish resources must start right now in all parts of the world.

    • profile image

      Emer420 6 years ago

      Very interesting..