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Albenza Barolo 2007 Wine Review

Updated on July 13, 2013
Albenza Barolo 2007
Albenza Barolo 2007

Albenza Barolo 2007

Albenza is a well respected winemaker and I recently found this 2007 Barolo vintage at a very affordable price. I got it on sale for $29, an incredible value for any Barolo. Most Barolos sit in the $50 and up price range, so I couldn't pass this one up to see how it was.


The color of the Albenza Barolo 2007 is beautiful and clear for a dark red wine. It's an oxymoron to say that a dark red wine is clear. But I'm referring to the fact that the wine doesn't look "grainy" from the particles of the grape that dark wines sometimes have. This one is clear in that regard. It's like a dark ruby red and when holding the glass at a 45 degree angle, you can see right through it.


The Aroma is dark. I could smell the dark earth used in the soil and the smell of dark fruit. There was a slight hint of mint on the nose which I believe was coming from the heat of the alcohol. It didn't exactly smell like mint, but the sensation, the tingling feeling that mint has on the nose is very similar to what I sensed from the aroma. I would say the aroma was medium complex.


There was very little if any residual sugar in this wine. This is definitely a dry wine. The only reference to any sweetness in this Barolo was the dark fruit on the nose as well as the front palette. But even this dark fruit was very low in terms of sweetness.


This Barolo definitely shows acidity but not in a bad way. I felt a slight tingling on the sides of my tongue and it continued to linger for as long as the wine remained in my mouth. Barolos are supposedly very high in acidity but I would say that with the Albenza 2007, it was below the standard level. The acidity was present but certainly not a dominating force. It definitely gave a little "bite" to the wine.


The tannins were on the high side as any Barolo should be, having come from the Nebbiolo grape. As you know, I love the sensation of tannins so this is always an aspect of wine that I welcome. Again, this wine was not overwhelming with tannins but at the same time, you could not deny it's presence. This 2007 probably has many years of healthy aging in it's future.


The body of this Barolo is somewhere between the medium and high range. I was actually drinking this wine with a pasta and meatball dish and it worked really well. I put pecorino romano cheese on my pasta and this Barolo had a nice "cut-through" effect, slicing through the strong cheese.


I felt that the Barolo was balanced quite nicely. I could taste all the elements. This is more of a classic Barolo. Nothing "new-worldly" here. The finish was a nice and long one. The finish was dark which created a nice consistency throughout the tasting process. The acidity kept the Barolo somewhat exciting but not jumping for joy.

Final Thoughts on Barolo 2007

Retailing at my local wine shop in Manhattan for $40 and being on sale for $29 created a valuable deal for the Albenza Barolo 2007. While it's not the best of Barolos, it's a great price for those who drink on a budget and who want to experience a fine wine. I'd recommend it and I would certainly drink this one again. Cheers! Salute!

Albenza Barolo 2007

3 stars for Albenza Barolo 2007

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