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Alexander's Street Steakhouse - Independent Review

Updated on April 16, 2014

The Salad Bar

Just like any of the other big name steak houses around this nation, Alexander's salad bar takes a back seat to none. As I walked up to the salad bar, I noticed that it was well maintained and very clean. The plates were cold as they should be and the salad bar had a great variety of choices. You could have Iceberg lettuce salad or Spinach or an already prepared Cesar Salad. The toppings were plentiful. The salad dressings offered are your traditional French, Blue Cheese, Italian vinegar and oil. and Ranch. I chose the Ranch and I was very happy with the choice, later to find out that they make their own fresh every day. The dressing was think creamy and full of flavor.


The Bar

The bar is fully stocked with a wide selection of wine and beer along with any type of hard liquor you could imagine. As for me, I drank the tall frosty 24 ounce draft beer mug, and my wife had red wine. The beer was cold with full carbonation and as far as I know the red wine was good too, she had 3 glasses.

The Food

After we finished our salads, we walked up to the cooler that holds all of the fresh meat. There is a wide variety of choices. If I remember correctly, the choices were:

1. Meat Ka-bob

2. Rib eye

3. Fillet mignonette

4. T Bone

5. New York Strip

5. Sirloin

6. Santa Maria Sirlion

7. Lobster

8. Chicken Breast

I had the Santa Maria Sirloin and my wife had the T-Bone. By the way we both had Lobster too. (It was our anniversary so we went all out)

One of the fun parts about going to Alexander Street Steakhouse is the fact that they have the world's greatest chef preparing your food... You! There are several large grill areas that every customer can gather around the grill and cook your steaks. On this particular day though, I had Alexander's chef prepare our food it costs a little extra but worth it in my opinion. When the steaks and lobsters arrived, they were both cooked to perfection, medium rare for me and medium for my wife. The lobsters were full of flavor and moist. One of the reasons I wanted the chef to cook our food was the guarantee cook to order that came with it.

My steak was out of this world full of flavor because of the Santa Maria Rub. I usually use A1 Bold and Spicy with my steak but I didn't want to cover up the flavor. My wife's steak was cooked perfectly and was more than she could eat. Good for steak and eggs in the morning. Along with the steak was a potato that had all the trimmings. Neither of us ate our potato because the salad and steak was just too filling.

The Service

The service is top notch. The Waitress frequently stopped in to check on us and made sure our drinks stayed full. We were also visited by the manager who also was very pleasant. I watched as he walked around and I over heard another patron voicing a concern but didn't exactly know what the problem was until I watched the waiter bring a fresh new steak over to that table several minutes later.

The Atmosphere

The atmosphere is laid back but elegant enough to dazzle your date. This is a steakhouse that you can wear blue jeans or a suit and fit right in. There is a lot of chatter of all the patrons talking and having a good time. Don't worry about missing the game either, their are several big screen televisions all over the restaurant, you won't miss a play.


All in all, I give Alexander's an A rating. I have eaten at Alexander's many times over the years and can not remember a bad steak or poor service.


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