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Alexandra Book Cafes

Updated on May 5, 2012

Cafe Gems

Alexandra Book Shops are to be found all over Budapest, and some of them you will find have lovely little cafés. The most famous is the one often talked about in Párizsi Nagyáruház, in the sixth district at Andrássy út 39. It is undoubtedly the jewel in the crown of Alexandra. You will find many blogs about this beautiful venue with its café near the top boasting a wonderful decorated high ceiling. It's such a beautiful venue and you even have the chance to be serenaded by a live pianist. For this, it represents good value for money if you don’t mind the scrum of queues at the busiest times and tables squashed close together.

What Me, Myself and I want to tell you about are another couple of Alexandra Book Café venues, which are less grand but little gems all the same.

The first is in the basement of the Corvin Shopping Centre in the eighth district. Leather tub seats are comfortable for a prolonged visit. There is the usual selection of cakes and coffees with other beverages available. I sometimes have a hot chocolate to ring the changes. The cakes are pretty fresh with a reasonable range to choose from in what is quite a small venue. What we like about all of these cafés is that you get a little glass of water with your coffee. You also get a chocolate dipped savoury stick as an extra little treat, which is a nice touch.

We recently ventured to the Alexandra Book Shop adjacent to the Dohány Street Synagogue. Climb the steps to the top of the bookshop and there is a lovely airy café with glass roof, comfy seating and plants to make for a wonderful ambiance. Unfortunately for us there was a Book event in the café at the time we visited. How dare they have book events in a Book store! OK, so it’s a great venue for such events and there is a little side room with tables and chairs where we could still have our coffee and cakes. The great thing was that even though we were right next to the glass ceilinged main room the sound insulation meant that we were not disturbed by what was going on.

It was a very hot day and the side room was a bit on the warm side but the Walnut cake that I had was sublime, really soft and fresh so I was instantly willing to forgive them the warm atmosphere. Myself had the plum flan, which she declared to be good and fruity with nice pastry, and Me had Austrian chocolate cake which was warmed up and delicious. As is normal for these venues we had a choice of white and brown sugar, a little glass of water and the chocolate coated savoury sticks which are the Alexandra Book shop’s trade mark.

If you are anywhere near an Alexandra book shop, check out their cafés as they are a little haven away from the crowds, which represent good value. Long may they continue.

The Jewel in the Crown


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