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All About Beef

Updated on February 13, 2013

Some people are not very into eating beef on a regular basis or eating it all. For those of us who do or for those who would like to prepare beef for loved ones here is some useful information. Providing you with some nutrition facts and some tips about beef and cooking safely.

Nutritional Daily Values for Beef- Per 100 grams of lean beef

These are the daily values percents of the nutrients found in beef. Potassium 9%, Iron 15%, Vitamin D 10%, Thiamine 10%, Riboflavin 15%, Niacin 45%, Vitamin B6 15%, Vitamin B12 110%, Phosphorus 15%, Magnesium 10%, Zinc 60%, Selenium 40%

What The Nutrients Found in Beef Can Do For You

Beef contains some essential nutrients that can help your body get a much needed energy boost, help build healthy strong bones and teeth, and help your body make a healthy immune system. Vital to help ward off illness.


Comparing Beef to Chicken

Compared to an equal amount of chicken beef has about 4% more iron, 5 times more vitamin B12 and 5 1/2 times more zinc. So if your low on any of those nutrients beef may be a good way to build your levels back up.

Can I Have Beef When Trying to Lose Weight?

Yes, if you still would like to enjoy having beef you can eat it. When losing weight it's all about moderation. Having beef in your diet is still okay. Beef contains lots of protein, which can help curb hunger between meals. Also, make sure to buy leaner cuts of beef as a healthier choice, or cut any fat off your meat.


Safety Tips for Cooking Beef

These are some general safety tips to help make sure of no contamination. Keeping your family safe is always very important, no one wants to see their family members with food poisoning. Once you bring your beef home make sure to use or freeze it within one day. When storing beef in the refridgerator always place it on the bottom shelf, ensuring no blood can drip on other foods. Make sure to always wash your hands after handling raw meat. Use seperate cutting boards and utensils for meat and other foods. Another important thing is to make sure to cook your beef to proper temperatures. You can do so by using a meat thermometer. Temperatures for different kinds of beef should be: ground beef 160 f 71 c, beef steaks medium rare 145f 63c, medium 160f 71c, well done 170f 77c, roast 160f 71c. Using the thermometer to check the temperatures of the beef is important so you know that any harmful bacteria has been killed.


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    • Brandon Spaulding profile image

      Brandon Spaulding 6 years ago from Yahoo, Contributor

      I love beef. Thanks for the tips on cooking temperatures. I agree that you can eat beef when losing weight. I think it can also help maintain muscle mass when you are dropping those pounds.

    • chanroth profile image

      chanroth 6 years ago from California, USA

      I sometime half cooked my beef and eat it with little of bloods and dip it in with BBQ sauce. I have been told I'll catch a disease if I eat it a little raw. I think it's just fine! Thanks for a useful information! :)


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