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All About Bread Maker Machines

Updated on May 22, 2010

Is It Worth Buying A Bread Maker?

Bread is a popular food in most societies.Bread is one of the oldest prepared foods, dating back to hundreds of years. The development of leavened bread can probably also be traced to prehistoric times.Bread is a staple food prepared by cooking a dough of flour and water and possibly more ingredients of our choice.

Earlier bread was baked at home till the mass production companies arrived at the scene.

Since the procedure of bread making is time consuming, people opted for commercial bread to save time.Unfortunately the quality of the commercial bread available in stores is not always what is claimed to be.The claims by these bread manufacturing companies regarding quality need to be taken with a pinch of salt.

The disadvantages of commercial bread are many.Commercial bread contains  toxic materials such as preservative chemicals,pesticides,insecticides,anti-fungal chemicals,bromides,aluminium and many other chemicals.These are toxic materials  that can have adverse effect on our health.They may cause allergic reactions,interfere with the digestive system, cause disturbances to bowel movement process.They may also create uncomfortable symptoms such as diarrhea,bloating,headaches and general lack of energy.

They may also adversely affect our hormones to cause hormone related ailments such as infertility.

The solution is simple.Make your own bread at home.The health advantages of home made bread are many compared to commercial bread.Anything made at home is bound to be healthier to commercial bread because you take enough care to add pure unadulterated  ingredients which contain no toxic chemicals.Home made bread is fresh and the purity of ingredients in our control.We can have variety of dishes of different tastes by changing the ingredients according to our choice. Home made bread is healthy as it does not contain harmful preservatives. The health benefits of a home baked bread  compared to  commercial bread is better.

Making your own bread at home is easier now thanks to the availability of quality breadmakers.These bread maker machines are not only efficient but also do variety of jobs such as kneading which has made bread making at home easier,simpler and faster.

Home made bread is fresh,tastes better and cheaper too.In other words  the bread maker will eventually pay for itself. The process is so simple that you need only to place the pre-mixed  ingredients of your choice  into the breadmaker hopper, add water  set the program and the bread maker machine does the rest. Modern bread maker machines are  energy efficient in terms of electricity consumption.

Once you have decided to buy bread maker machine the next step is to choose the right bread maker suitable for your requirements.What are the things to look for when you  buy bread maker?There are so many options in front of you that you do not know what to choose and what to leave.There are bewildering variety of bread maker machines  in the market that make choosing the right one difficult and confusing.Choosing the right  bread maker machine is easy if you consider certain key points.


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    • profile image

      Ian Garradd 7 years ago

      Home bread making machines are not energy efficient, using roughly .4 of a KwH per loaf.

      Much of this energy is heat energy which is wasted, as ther is no insulation in the walls of the machine.

      Insulation would reduce the energy required quite significantly.

      When are the manufacturers going to address this issue?