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All About Lemons - Free Recipe Sites - Facts - Free Patterns List - Lemon Citrus Fruit Theme Gift Product Sources - Poll

Updated on February 21, 2009

This is a resource to make it easier to find free stuff in a lemon theme, such as recipes, craft patterns, clip art and a variety of information, as well as a few sources for buying items such as a lemon tree plant, if you would like to grow your own. Also showing you where you can look to find gift items with lemons as a theme.

Did You Know ...

  • Lemons are high in vitamin C content.
  • Most of the lemons available for sale in North America are produced in California.

One of the most well known recipes using the lemon flavor is the lemon meringue pie. Following are links to sources for many other types of free lemon recipes that you might enjoy trying.


  • A nice thing about the Lemon Recipes site is that there are limited advertisements.
  • The free recipes can be printed from the web page or viewed in a printer-friendly pdf format.
  • Pages load quickly because there are no photos.


  • Having no photos showing how the cooked food would look could be considered a negative point.

They have free recipes for lemon chicken and salmon main dishes, lemon butter, marmalade and dressing condiments, lemon bread and pancakes, lemon cake, ice cream and pie desserts.



  • Lovely color photos showing the lemon food recipe choices.
  • Extra descriptions and hints are given along with the free recipe directions.


  • Main Page takes a little longer to load due to the many color photos.

They have free recipes for lemon breads, muffins and scones, lemon tart, pudding and cake, lemon curd and lemon sponge pudding.

What does it mean to zest a lemon?


Some recipes call for a fresh lemon, zested.

The zest of a lemon is the yellow part of the outside peel, used as flavoring.

Lemon Zest - Poll

Before you read it here, did you know what the zest of a lemon was?

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How to Make Meringue

Cast Your Vote in This Just-For-Fun Poll

What is your favorite way to eat lemons or food with a lemon flavor?

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About This Page

This list of lemon theme items on the Internet was searched for and compiled by Sandi Marshall to, hopefully, make it easier for you to find something specific that you're looking for. Links to this page are welcome. Thanks!


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